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Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Virtual versus Reality

Walking on a thin line ?

Vitual Worlds can be a safe way to play/interact, if you keep it safe yourself, the question is , is it a game or does it goes beyond ?

Do YOU play a game, or are you just yourself by expressing your fantasy’s ?
Do You want to explore how far you can go ?
Are you hurting people and who is paying the price ?
How far can you trust the persons you are interacting with ? Because, after every pixel/avatar at the other end, there is someone behind the screen.
But who is he/she really ?
Is he/she what they pretend to be ? Gender for instance …

Yes, a lot of question marks to be filled in !

For some reason, in RL, you get a first impression of someone , wich apparently is formed in a few seconds, IW you can judge on the first written sentence in chat or IM , anyway this is how it mostly works for me.
But you can have formed a wrong first idea and the interaction can become a way of growing towards each other, it works or it doesn’t and if it does, later on you explore with different levels in the 'friendship'.
In the beginning its like starting any new relationship as in RL , a lot to talk about and explore the mind of the person behind the avatar if that is the intention...
and here it is..
are we walking on a thin line ? Virtual versus Reality …

Alts (multiple Avatars ) for instance, we all know that most of us use one or several …
Its like the FBI if they double cross you, they spy and fool you to see if you say the truth or to harm you or to play a pshycological game !
If you do not stay clear in your head or firm in your shoes, you can get paranoia !

(press Take a Look at the bottom to see film)

‘Playing a game’….for some it is, but not for me if it is interacting with people, shopping, dancing, building and making fun and clothes is playing !
You have 3 options, you stay impersonel polite, or playing a game and be greyed out or you get involved in true feelings and be just YOURSELF.
If you have a mature and good personality you may combine some given options.
Either ways I like honesty, being myself and thrust worthy, my prides as a person in RL I do implement in Virtual Worlds, I certainly would not betray this or myself for any World or any game. I'm just ME !

But not everyone thinks the same, and they have the right to do it their way!
The society has many people and many faces .
So does internet and existing Virtual Worlds, all I can say : be nice to each other and to me, do not hurt feelings, you are being warned

I had this article stored in concept for later publishing, but Rosa made me do it now because of the new article and film on their blog :

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  1. Great Post hun!

    He & I are ourselves in VW, even our Avatars have been created in our own image, it wasnt always that way for me, before Him I was raquel welchs' body, but He prefers the Real me, though I still put Raquels shape on to model the clothes ;)

    Honesty is the best policy, IMHO even if only playing a game, so long as Your always Honest about that, You shouldnt end up hurting anyone.

    Rosa ;)

  2. took me awhile to translate IMHO :-)
    got it after a while, for not native speaking English...it is not so evident, but I Humble learn every day :-)