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Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

zero+zero= o ?

Add 0 to 0 and the result will be zero, everyone knows that !
That's why it does not show up in our Inworldz account !

I really miss the 0 actions, oké, it does not add to anything,
but it is a good reference to see what happens when people take a gift or go for the monthly group donation.
I do have over 80 members in my group, and I 'Presume' a lot of them are comming to pick it up, but I'm in the dark about this because 0 transactions are not mentioned in the account. This is a pitty so you loose sight on things, logistics and business wise...in my opinion the 0 has a value more then just 0 in this case :-)

So I'm thinking of changing the 'group' script into a 'discount for members' script. This means I have to ask 1 I'Z to get it, almost for free and to overcome to get a dress. Still considering if I will pay back the 1 I'Z but by doing it, this gives me extra work on top of a donation :-)
For gifts at the shops or events etc.. the same thing... you never know if your contribution was a succes !
We have to deal with it and find another way to get info... to bad it will cost 1 I'Z...

Imprecise mathematical thinking is by no means unknown; however, we need to think more clearly if we are to keep out of confusions.

The introduction of zero into the decimal system will not be implemented lol

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer in Paris

Summer in Paris fashion show by Allure Modeling Agency

Time: July 23, 2011 from 2pm to 4pm
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bella/247/235/3022
Event Type: fashion, show
Organized By:
Pebbles Somerset

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Fire Phlox Dress

A Few months ago we had the Euro Phlox party to test the new Phlox engine.
They asked us to wear as much we could on prims and scripts !
So I made a fire dress with a circle for the occasion :-)
As I have a lot to do lately and making dresses is somehow on the background, I decided to set it up for sale. It is for making fun, dancing and do other things with it like flying ( very nice effect ) or you can use your animation balls also when wearing the fire circle, but thàt I did not test.... :-) Oh no ! lol , but if you don't want to be on fire, just not wear it !

Also my business/shop is not running well at the moment, so the drive for making new stuff is not that big. Still I manage to make my groupmember gift each month and I know for sure my members are looking forward to get it every time :-) Last time I looked we are now with 80 people, not bad for a small business, but I do give nice things away, if I may say myself :-)
Well, it is a game and not so serieus taken or intended for the big bucks... I do not have to buy RL bread with it at the bakery :-) so I completely do not understand why IW merchants keep on giving adds sometimes 3x in different channels, it looks like spam ! I wonder if that helps for the sales rate of their shop ? Well, I know and you know by now also, I'm a lousy merchant !
So what ? If you enjoy getting dresses or even buy them and me making it, don't ask questions why I'm lousy ? :-)

Friday, July 8, 2011

M!RAMODE Groupgift for July

Tomorrow I will set up the groupgift for July at all the stores. Please note that the shop at Farraige is no more ! Instead you can go also to AMSTERDAM or Bella or The Mainstore at Isle of Anu.
Go and get the dress tomorow till the 16th of this month, its a lovely purple flower-dress with collar and a gorgeous moving skirt :-) The Amethyst dress is one to have so don't miss this opportunity to get it... :-)

I hope you like it ! Have fun :-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Octopus Fingers

Like I said many times, I like to mess up things when I am at my keyboard :-)
Obviously I'm not a piano player but sometimes you need to put your fingers on several keys at once. The one I mastered more or less (but not with one hand) is the Contr+alt+shift+r in the Inworldz viewer to trigger the radar to spot people nearby. I'll practice to get it all with my left hand lol ! I passed the memory phase already Sjeeessshhhhh !

But this time I was building and rotating a prim when I saw a ghost circle in the distance. Wanted to capture it with a snapshot but when you release one key you can not touch the other or when one is released... you can't do both.
Anyway I was greedy to touch all those keys at once :-) Wished I never did !!!

Suddenly I got all weird things on my screen. Panic entered my bloodstream and the pressure was rising to my head, thinking ai ai, what did I do, all goes down the drain ! All my objects will be errased or changed or will end up on a pile or end in the waste basket.
My sreen was filling with a kind of computer language and kept repeating all the time.
All I could think of was to pull out the plug and relogged... but the damn thing kept going, filling my screen like a hotfoot horse :-)

So I IMed someone to ask advice, and after saying a few words about the problem she spotted it immediatly. For some reason I had made a key combination to activate the 'debug console' a kind of diagnostic doctor. One click (unchecking) in the advanced menu stopped the whole lettergasm and highlighted prims :-)

oefff, what a relief knowing it was just a checked option I had unintentionally activated and will never forget where to look when I have the same thing... its burned into my brain !
Hm, I think I'm going to skip my piano lessons for awhile or keep my Octopus fingers under controle !
Experimenting without any knowledge is the worst teacher :-)
luckely the keys have no sound lol

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Shop at Amsterdam

At the end of last week the Farraige Sim was sold, so I had to clean up the store and move out like everyone else :-) To keep me busy ( well I don't know what to do first , lol) I was looking for another store to set up. As I'm reading a lot on the Forum, I knew about some shops to rent.
So I ended up at AMSTERDAM, not far away from my own RL city...
Its the SIM of Constanza Amsterdam a very clever and active member of Inworldz ! If you come to the Wiki page, it is she who all organized it very well.
oh, I wish I had her brains lol !

For my customers, it's good to delete the old landmark of Farraige for the M!RAMODE shop and fill in the new one or take a look InWorldz and make you one :-) One less frustration of no current landmarks left in inventory or elsewhere :-)

the new one :