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Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Shop at Amsterdam

At the end of last week the Farraige Sim was sold, so I had to clean up the store and move out like everyone else :-) To keep me busy ( well I don't know what to do first , lol) I was looking for another store to set up. As I'm reading a lot on the Forum, I knew about some shops to rent.
So I ended up at AMSTERDAM, not far away from my own RL city...
Its the SIM of Constanza Amsterdam a very clever and active member of Inworldz ! If you come to the Wiki page, it is she who all organized it very well.
oh, I wish I had her brains lol !

For my customers, it's good to delete the old landmark of Farraige for the M!RAMODE shop and fill in the new one or take a look InWorldz and make you one :-) One less frustration of no current landmarks left in inventory or elsewhere :-)

the new one :

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