Quote :
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marketing and pricing

After doing some marketing survey, I noticed that my prices are way below the average for 'Formal' clothes of this quality. A dress at M!RAMODE is about 175 I'z ... do you think it is way to cheap ? should I raise my price ? If you have an opininion and want to help me on this I would appriciate if you would do the poll on the right side. Thanks

In that post about permission issues (read more) I went indeed to investigate and pulled open several vendors to see how the permissions are set, they are all different but mostly modify !

I also discovered that my pricing is way to low for this kind of dresses. I'm not so for the money and not a good merchant as I told before, but I'm wondering if this is good for the business and competition etc..
The imago of the brand/shop has to be considered as well, if you sell quality, the prices have to be accordingly.
You can't buy an Armani for the same price as a dress in the supermarket :-) is what I'm trying to say to myself ! I'm a bit confused by now, so please help me with this :-)

Don't see this as a money gain on my part but more as a prestige/reputation thing for M!RAMODE.
I may have to evoluate as Inworldz is growing and more shops are coming, setting higher prices !

Friday, January 28, 2011

Grand Opening at Bellissima Square

Grand Opening Party! This weekend on Saturday at 2 PM will be Bellissima's grand opening party! They will be having the lovely and talented Zoree Jupiter singing.

Most of the shop keepers will put a free gift in front of their shop during the festivities.
I will put mine up on Saturday and Sunday as a gift !
Come by to look around at the Bellissima Square Mall or come dance !

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

InWorldz Blogger Challenge V.6

So here’s your challenge: Tell us about events you’ve started attending. What kinds of events pull you in? If you haven’t attended any yet, why the hell not? Go! Seek out a new event and go!

Oh lala...I have to pass for this one (red cheeks).
I must admit I never went to a party Inworldz... th
e reason ?

# 1...timelaps is the main factor as I run 9 hours ahead of Inworldz so if an event is planned at 2 pm IWT then it is for me 11 PM at night Real Time..almost time to go to bed !
At night my PC is shut down to give myself a rest, I'm addicted to it already:-)
# 2... most of my friends are from over the ocean and party's time is ofthen set in the afternoon for them so we at the other end can go for a short time (or longer if you like)
But as I'm slow in learing and creating I prefer to spend my time during the day on that and falling asleep early in the evening :

I wanted to go to the opening of the Mall in Farraige last weekend, had dressed myself already in advance with my newest creation, ready to fly in, but as time went by and sitting relaxed in my sofa with my cat in my lap, I fel asleep... ai ai so I missed the beginning at 1 pm. My Melatonine is working very w
ell and I do listened to my body so followed the road to my bed instead of having a party :-)

This saturday is the Official opening at Bellissima Square Mall, at 2PM IWT, I really want to go for my first party at IW :-) if I made it to dance and taken some pictures , (I 'll put an alarm to wake me up, lol) I will post it as an appendix for this challenge # 6
This will be an exceptional case to see me at party's...and I LOVE to dance !!!

In the past I went dancing in SL, I stayed up till 2 o'clock in the morning in the beginning 2 or 3 times a week, later only in the weekends, still no good at all ! For now I give you a party picture from SL , ages ago I was young dancing away, had no sleep and stayed up late, times can change ...
the fever has gone :-)
A Saturday Night Fever party in SL

I made it to the first party InWorldz
It was hard to get to the party scene but made it after all
sitting between the fishes :-)
dancing with Ophelia and Chrystophur

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beam Me Up Scotty !

Oh lala, the Bellissima Square mall is filling up !
The place looks great, its very chic and believe it or not we all got a nice teleport system to jump from one shop to the other ! Very handy for the customers and fun :-) I was so exited I jumped on a few to play around and felt like I was in double space for a moment... Could hear Mr Spock say : Beam Me Up Scotty ! I loved that series on TV and Mr Spock was my favorit, he never smiled, had big ears and his eyebrows where ridiculous :-) But the stories where always exciting, full of danger and ended always with an escape to better places...
In this case I like to stay at this mall and feel good between the other merchants who do also their best to present their creative work ! I think I reached my final frontier ?

Even now today the crew of The Enterprise is still alive and kicking... oh yes your iPhone is a real gadget and you can even hear the STAR TREK captain speaking :-)


Saturday, January 22, 2011

InWorldz first Photo Contest 2011

Awhile ago Elenia one of the founders of Inworldz asked via the Forum for nice pictures of our world to use as a Wallpaper for the inlog screen of Inworldz or also to use on the web for other marketing purposes.

Usvemo one of our residents and Photographer took the initiative to make a contest out of it.
On his blog he explained earlier how to make a good high resolution photo using the good settings in your viewer : http://usvemo.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/4/

The contest is judged by a jury and the photos will be anonymous.

Five different Categories:

  1. Nature – Landscape
  2. Portrait – Avatars
  3. Art – Fun – Free form
  4. Relations – Imagination and interpretation
  5. The publics favorite - your votes
If you want to read more about the specifics and how to join the contest see the
Hopefully it will be a great succes and beautiful pictures of our Inworldz will be born, me as a Photographer in RL will join the contest :-)
I do like challenges do you ?

If you know of a nice place Inworldz or even yours let me know
so I can go there to take some pictures.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Me and myself in trouble

Ai , ai I did it again !
What are you asking ?
I'm trying for more possibilities for my customers and was testing a resize menu in a skirt and belt. I'm making a new outfit for the Valentine's coming up. I was so happy all the scripts worked fine untill I decided to add a belt and link the whole thing while wearing all of it.
And what happened ? Yes all went wrong.... for as stupidity comes first :-) meaning me behind the PC ! I should have first linked all the prims and not wearing and then add the scripts...
The skirt and belt went way up in the sky all distorted and I was immediatly kicked out of Inworldz. This is not a big point as it can happen, we all know that, but when I logged back in, the skirt with belt was hanging in the air and I was wearing the orignal skirt without belt.
So when I clicked the object, I could not delete, nor detach the mess.... I want tell you how many times I relogged to get rid of this tortured item :-)

me and myself in conflict

In panic and with red cheeks I wrote to the Forum for help because Murphy was haunting me...if anything can go wrong it will ! (and I'm very sensitive to those things)
In fact after awhile I discovered that the skirt was not an object anymore but ME! Yes, I was me and myself as a skirt. It had the pie menu of an avatar without the detach item and when I clicked on it for appearence I promptly went into position. I don't like to be dominated by a skirt! I always considered taking an ALT but this one is no good !!! I hope I can get rid of this me/myself as a skirt in the futur and will get some answers from the Forum or the me-skirt will be hanging forever in my livingroom as a witness of my stupidity and miror for myself ? I'm really in a identity crisis for now !!!
Help !!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Permission issues

For the free January dress I made a lot of layers, more then usual, pants/underwear and had set more things to modify. Not on purpose but I think on intuition I guess. Normaly my dresses are for sale with these settings :
no Modify but Copy and no Transfer.
I thought this to be the right way (as I did/do in SL as well)
But my sales are not so high in both worlds, I wonder if this is because the fact it is NO Modify ?
By accident I came across an (older) discussion today about those options
at the Forum : ( scroll down please

They almost all agree for buyers being able to modify and they think it is a much better way, increases sales (not my main concern). Making more layers gives more freedom also to adjust the prims, if you don't use a resize program, but also this has a bad influence on the lag side, it seems... so for the creator one of the dilemma's :-)

But ...creators view:
If I made a white dress for example with a nice print, wich I had to look for a good time before I got what I had in mind and I set this Modify and the owner likes more a black dress and sets the color like this.. there goes the detail of the nice texture and you get a black hole instead of a nice outfit :-)
If you have spent a long time to make a skirt fitting (your avi), gorgeous long and with a twist in design to flow very well, but the owner decides to set off the features for this or makes it stiff like a dead body.... or makes a short dress out of it, well to be honest this would piss me off ! :-)))
Or you can say what the heck ! It is sold and now belongs to someone else, they own it now and it's theirs do with it what they like... hard but true and maybe I have to think in this direction and have to leave more freedom to my customers...:-) It is also a matter of trust , leaving all open (modify) is easy to copy.
So I'm not so convinced yet... and will do a 'shop hunting opening vendor thing' to see how other sellers have set it :-) I really did not give it attention in the past.
If you want to help me please leave a comment with your point of view and what you prefer, so maybe I might change the settings in the futur . I will add from now on more layers so you can switch :-)

comment on your comment

I think we all talk like old or ex avis from SL and know how to resize and modifying...but not everyone is inclined or able to. If you have a fur collar of 100 prims (each fur ball consist out of 3 linked prims) it is a hell of a job and almost impossible to make it smaller or bigger in one go (all falls apart because it is unlinked for modifying) So for those things it is a hell of a job to make it fit :-)
I tried my SL resize program but did not work IW... so yesterday I got one from a friendly lady after I saw creators using them and I am so happy I have one too, yes even if I doubled myself for a moment :-) I will do my homework all over and put in the resize script for those furry things already for sale. Not decided yet what I will do in the futur for modyfing prims...skirts and sleeves with resize menu yes , because you have several types and possibilities with these programs or just give modify permission for more manualy refined adjustment and a script resize option/version for those who like the easy way, but all this will load your inventory :-)
I'll have to trust my customers not to (over) kill what I made...if they can make it better I will be pleased as I do not make all perfect :-)
But can you imaging , if you have a Coco Chanel and you rip off those nice golden buttons and put wooden logs instead ?
This is all about a kind of a copyright thing, could be a long discussion too :)

♥Thank you for your comment ♥

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Store at Bellissima Square

Yesterday I was busy with installing the new store. If you are a member of Inworldz then you must have seen that Milan Center 1 SIM is also for sale as predicted ...
For once I was ahead to rent a new store again at Milan Center Bellissima Square (sim next door).
After tomorrow when my rent expire I will take down the old shop and announce the new landmark to my members...
For the readers of this blog I put it here already:

M!RAMODE,Bellissima Square, Milan Center 2 (24, 82, 1101)

Hope this mall will be a succes, but for that we need your support !
so come and visit us :-)

stores already there or coming soon :

Whispering Jewels, ChiChickie, Earthstones, F.E.Energy, Deviant Designs, Gurl6, MiraMode, ADL Productions, Haute, Gothic Demon, Image Reflections, Durga Designs, Emo-Tions, Cliente, Hot Heads, Sun Made Fashions, Alinja Aquatics, AFantasy, Wind River Homes, Hombres, Wish and Araoha


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Group gift for January

This group gift dress will be up this weekend (Sunday) in the stores. I hope you like it !
I had a lot of fun making this feather dress, maybe you can wear it also as a wedding dress. It made me go shopping for hair and a new shape. Shoes are hard to find and not that cheap if you want some good sculpted ones. Making them myself is a bridge to far, I'll stick to clothes for the moment

I pose next to the picture and feel like a Hollywood star in it!
Where is the red carpet ? :-)
Join my group, there is nothing to lose, at the end of January this dress goes in the collection for sale as usual. Advertising in forum and group notice will follow in time for this weekend. It comes in 10 pieces, some you can modify, all copy , no transfer...

Dress : M!RAMODE Plume (french for feather)
Hair : Deviant Emma Blondes
Skin and shape : CMC
Shoes : ugly ones :-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Blues ?

What is it? hm... we all know it I guess, when winter takes to long, when the days are to short and there is not enough light ! What can we do about this ?
Buy a lamp and do a light therapy or go on vacation to the sun (the expensive edition but fun). Or buy you some winter flowers and gaze at them for a good time, to convince yourself its spring :-)
Or buy a bird and enjoy the singing, or put a CD in the player with nice natural sounds (less cleaning).
Or take maybe antidepressant medication or do cognitive-behavioral therapy or take even carefully timed supplementation of the hormone melatonin.
We modern people have a cure or solution for many things, therapy, drugs, medication, (two different words and meaning in my language)... and they are used to program our body and mind.
One pill to go to bed, one for staying awake, one for when we feel depressed, one for making love, and even one for Winter Blues :-)

There are also people who experience summer SAD (spring and summer depression), so there are depressions all over the seasons !
Yes you can have many excuses for your mood swings, give them a name and its ok, take a pill and it is solved...
Unfortunately the consumption of pharmaceutical products is very high in my country (Belgium) and had an increase of 6% .
This is only in the social security pay back statistics and not the free drugs you can buy at the drugstore.
I seldom take any medication or supplements even when I suffer from a headache, I will wait long enough before I take a pill.
For the Winter Blues I just wait for spring and hope I want feel SAD :-)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moving shop soon

All residents who open their account on Inworldz can see the Regions for sale, this is out of the ordinary way to buy a SIM. Actually these are abandoned SIM's which the owner does not want to pay anymore.
So it was a shock to see in the list that Milan shopping Center 2 was for sale...
My first shop is at Milan Center 1 (the same owner different sim ), so maybe soon when the time for payment is due, we may face the same thing.
To be honest, for months there are some internal problems about Milan Centers, I could write more but I will remain, don't know the real pain here and non of my business !
When the reorganisation of Milan 2 is finished by the new owner and builder
a new mall rises from the ashes, I will transfer my shop to the sim next door.
I think I made the right decision :-)
I always heard a good advice :

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

we say :

Better 1 bird in the hand than 10 in the air

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Behind the scene

For the first time I wanted to make a white dress for the group members for this month.
Oh lalala what a joy !
Everyone who is familiar with Photoshop, the templates and also the SLCP viewer as a test to see if all fits well, will have had some white nightmares :-)
You don't see a thing let alone what you are doing with a white dress on a white background...(templates as well as the mannequin)
For some reason they used white for the skin I really don't know why, maybe a newer version exist whitout me knowing... so I speak with two words, but in this case I'm as blind as a mole :-)

The most reliable thing the SLCP is falling out or you have to save the template as well for viewing. In Photoshop you can go around this and make a color layer and you can see what you are doing :-)
I always use this color layer as a control to clean up final things.

Maybe in the past you bought a lovely dress or tattoo or something else and oh... you do see a spot sticking on your breast that isn't supposed to be there ! Very annoying but it can happen if the maker was not very attentive to see the spots he made or forgot to whipe out , so Photoshop or Gimp users this is a very good tip ! :-)))

I'm going to struggle to get this project finished and hopefully when I like the end result I will offer it to my group members :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Releases

I was in a good inspirational mood and made 2 new items.

The Velvet dress is more for the Masquerade Party's
at Equinox or coming carnival :-)

In the Satina Dress you will feel pretty and elegant
in it when you need a more formal dress.

It has a double skirt wich moves very nice !

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Shop

Finaly I have set up the new store :-) I had promise to do on Sunday but lag was so bad ! I could not teleport and the proportions of background and me the avatar where very odd :-) Tried to hop from one Island to the other via the Worldmap and that went well for awhile. I managed to get just the Island next to Farraige and then it was hopeless.
After this journey I logged off because had no RL time to return to install the shop. So I did it yesterday, whats in a day ?, but wrong so wrong, I was very surprised of 3 sales from the same Lady that day, maybe from the new place.

Some things I do miss here and are available in SL, like when something is sold you can see the location in your account, at Inworldz you don't, so it is hard to keep track of places (shops) who run well.
I heard a suggestion to write the place in de description of the item to go around about this,
(I have to think about ) but it is not very appealing when it sticks in peoples inventory :-)
Second, when someting is taken for O I'z (a gift) you can't see it either in your account and you never know if it was a succes, but beside those little features I want trade this world for another but if you can compare then you know what you miss :-)

may I proudly present the new store at
M!RAMODE, Farraige (223, 75, 21)

It is a brand new shopping centre and there will be
a live music event to promote the Mall
on the 23th of January, I'll keep you posted.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

5th InWorldz® Blogger Challenge

Choose your favorite post of another InWorldz blogger and post a link at your blog. Then post 5 (or more) predictions for InWorldz. The rules are yours to make- just have fun writing!


Where is my Crystal ball ? the one that is self sufficient.
I love my old compagnion, hard and cold, but warm and gentle
at the same time.

In trance I slowly caress him and shiver when touched.
My hands are like a magnet and starting to tingle.

Mist appears and I see...I see
a vision pushing to the surface and then slowly Inworldz
was born like a divine revelation !
This blue yellow globe with 123 456 like an aureola
came to life, slowly the numbers faded away
the globe itself was filled with green dots.

I looked deeper in the clouds focusing on those dots
and I could see little creatures running,pushing, flying,
typing and talking.
Yes they where talking to each other !
A cacophony of voices, a very chaotic mixture.
Suddenly all imploded and I was staring at a ball of glass.
What the hell happened, where did it all go ?
did my dear ballfriend went in overdrive and crashed ?

Is this it ? he must foretell more,he must !!!
Need 3 voyances more at least.

Disappointed I covered him with a dark velvet cloth
to give him a rest so he could cool off and recuperate.
When he was decharged, we went for a second seance.

After concentrating I had no mist this time but a nice
blue sky with wonderful white clouds,also clear blue
shimmering water in the sun, endless water...
When I went deeper in trance I could spot a sailing ship,
it was moving slowly forward, effortless and without a sound,
you could sail on the seven seas !

A vortex pulled me under the water and it disappeared,
the scene changed and I was standing on a big green mountain
where the sky was filled with mini IW globes just floating around.
Suddenly they dropped out of the sky, tumbling downhill
searching for a river. Yesss physics.. everything came alive,
how wonderful to see all this !
I really was IN the Crystal ball spinning around,diving, flying,dropping again and loosing myself !
To much for my Crystal and he spitted me out and I bounced back
against the chair into reality again... auw...

Just before all the magic went out of the room, I saw a glimps of
The Grid Mother holding Inworldz on her back like Atlas did.

Out of nowhere, little green dots appeared for holding this big
pregnant sphere as it to much for a few people to carry !

I closed my eyes just before the Crystal became silent.
Did a little prayer and mumbled to him, let this world keeps his identity and please preserve all the friendly people in it !
will all this become reality in 2011 ?

I had a big smile on my face with the Whiskey's dental story!

I may never recover

I know I know, I am not focused on Whiskey Day
but like her writing style !!!!!! lol


Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new beginning a new store

Yes, without thinking I rented a new store !
It is a shopping mall under development but looks promising and is stylish made.
I was sold immediatly :-)
It was Boudica who gave me this suggestion... thank you, and if you have seen an earlier article or comment on this blog, I still have to take the Halloween smoke from my neighbor (shopowner) at Milan Center. It became a dead corner, I don't know why but Milan Center feels abandoned ! Or is it only my feeling ?
It is time for a new wind and work is waiting :-) I will install the new shop tomorrow and take pictures for the blog to keep you posted ...

Spreading your business seems to be a common thing at Inworldz, I do encounter each time the same brands all over different grids. In the beginning I was not so confident about myself making things, but with the positive comments from a lot of people, it gives me more drive to do business , actually its more pleasing people by making new dresses and I'm learning to do better !
Not that I do sell a lot, but I don't mind 'its all in the game'
growing needs time and effort !

New dress when half way

A new beginning of the Year and a new store to come,I gaved myself a present
maybe a poisened gift giving me more work to do, lol !

I wish you all a


♥ may all your dreams come true ♥

Still need to write about the 5th challenge of Whiskey's blog....
I hope to do it also tomorrow... if not the day after !