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Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Sunday, January 2, 2011

5th InWorldz® Blogger Challenge

Choose your favorite post of another InWorldz blogger and post a link at your blog. Then post 5 (or more) predictions for InWorldz. The rules are yours to make- just have fun writing!


Where is my Crystal ball ? the one that is self sufficient.
I love my old compagnion, hard and cold, but warm and gentle
at the same time.

In trance I slowly caress him and shiver when touched.
My hands are like a magnet and starting to tingle.

Mist appears and I see...I see
a vision pushing to the surface and then slowly Inworldz
was born like a divine revelation !
This blue yellow globe with 123 456 like an aureola
came to life, slowly the numbers faded away
the globe itself was filled with green dots.

I looked deeper in the clouds focusing on those dots
and I could see little creatures running,pushing, flying,
typing and talking.
Yes they where talking to each other !
A cacophony of voices, a very chaotic mixture.
Suddenly all imploded and I was staring at a ball of glass.
What the hell happened, where did it all go ?
did my dear ballfriend went in overdrive and crashed ?

Is this it ? he must foretell more,he must !!!
Need 3 voyances more at least.

Disappointed I covered him with a dark velvet cloth
to give him a rest so he could cool off and recuperate.
When he was decharged, we went for a second seance.

After concentrating I had no mist this time but a nice
blue sky with wonderful white clouds,also clear blue
shimmering water in the sun, endless water...
When I went deeper in trance I could spot a sailing ship,
it was moving slowly forward, effortless and without a sound,
you could sail on the seven seas !

A vortex pulled me under the water and it disappeared,
the scene changed and I was standing on a big green mountain
where the sky was filled with mini IW globes just floating around.
Suddenly they dropped out of the sky, tumbling downhill
searching for a river. Yesss physics.. everything came alive,
how wonderful to see all this !
I really was IN the Crystal ball spinning around,diving, flying,dropping again and loosing myself !
To much for my Crystal and he spitted me out and I bounced back
against the chair into reality again... auw...

Just before all the magic went out of the room, I saw a glimps of
The Grid Mother holding Inworldz on her back like Atlas did.

Out of nowhere, little green dots appeared for holding this big
pregnant sphere as it to much for a few people to carry !

I closed my eyes just before the Crystal became silent.
Did a little prayer and mumbled to him, let this world keeps his identity and please preserve all the friendly people in it !
will all this become reality in 2011 ?

I had a big smile on my face with the Whiskey's dental story!

I may never recover

I know I know, I am not focused on Whiskey Day
but like her writing style !!!!!! lol



  1. Brilliant!!! I love it!!! I was floating along with you!!!

    Then you had to go and bring up the dentist.

  2. Worth reading many times. Loved the Grid Mother image and was a bit worried about the load she carries.