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St. Francis de Sales

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Store at Bellissima Square

Yesterday I was busy with installing the new store. If you are a member of Inworldz then you must have seen that Milan Center 1 SIM is also for sale as predicted ...
For once I was ahead to rent a new store again at Milan Center Bellissima Square (sim next door).
After tomorrow when my rent expire I will take down the old shop and announce the new landmark to my members...
For the readers of this blog I put it here already:

M!RAMODE,Bellissima Square, Milan Center 2 (24, 82, 1101)

Hope this mall will be a succes, but for that we need your support !
so come and visit us :-)

stores already there or coming soon :

Whispering Jewels, ChiChickie, Earthstones, F.E.Energy, Deviant Designs, Gurl6, MiraMode, ADL Productions, Haute, Gothic Demon, Image Reflections, Durga Designs, Emo-Tions, Cliente, Hot Heads, Sun Made Fashions, Alinja Aquatics, AFantasy, Wind River Homes, Hombres, Wish and Araoha


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