Quote :
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Phlox rOx ?

Oh lala, while the team of Inworldz is having a hard time to adjust the new engine, I do have my part as well. I'm not gifted with a good brain (its to late for that :-), but I do my best ! I'v always been a non-starter, what works for other people (mostly PC wise) it want for me even if I do the same things. To give you an example, I went to get the new MLP animation set fixed for Phlox , because I made a nice gazebo with cuddle chair and wanted it to work again.
Disaster after disaster... could not make it started, even if I only had to click the menu and go.
It reproduced the pillows more then I wanted, also the balls came in quantity and it set me off in a weird position , walking away I had a ball between my legs wich was happy to stay :-)

My salvation is reading the Forum to keep up to date and problem solving...some others had problems too, oef this was to overcome !
At the IDI store was a Phlox copy available so I went to get it, came home and tried to make it work ! No luck, it even did not respond to my touching, tried for a good time and finally went to a sandbox to test it , there it worked like a charm ! ???? what was the problem at home ? Maybe bad performance at the Sim or the non script on the land, so I turned that one off , performance ok but still no movement on poseballs to appear or bleu popups to see, not even a hand showing, saying there is a script inside !
I was getting desperate by now, feeling very stupid :-) So I called for my Alt tester to see how it would work... and guess once... all worked perfectly !
Can it be she is smarter then me ?? LOL
After that I could also use the menu and it worked fine...but ... will it work again when I log in again today and use it ? This I will try and if not I will feel stupid again for another day, jealous too , if I read on the Forum : "Oh ! all works well now, I'm so happy , thanks"
I will try and try till it works , if not I definitely need a Guru to help me with this...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Building my world

I am still so occupied and busy building my own world that I had no courage to post news on this blog. For months I was looking with great 'gusto' to the SIM sales each month, looking and dreaming away, but the SIM name had to be good, cause didn't want to change the name ! And there it was, this was the SIM for me with the perfect name ! But I was also afraid, what to do with all that space :-) how to manage etc... well as I'm slow to develop/create things, this will take some time before I can come out of the closet :-) but as I am not so commercial and heading to get the most bucks out of it , I'll let it ripe like a good cheese, if it starts to stink .... lol, then it will be time to speed some things up.
All I can say it will not be like most SIMS but this will be a great enterprise for me and also a lot to learn with scripts etc... to realize what I have in mind :-)
When all falls into place I will let the Inworldz people know about it... so if they have interest they can come and visit !
When all is done, it will be a mix of residential and shopping... and also some dreaming in space :-)) so for now I'll keep it a secret and stay confined in my own land... I love it !!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Groupgift for May

Hello All,

The groupgift for May 'Tulips' is earlier to be released this month to celebrate Mothersday on the 8th. It is already available in the stores (from 6th till 15th of May). So go and grab it ... necklace with fur collar included ! I hope you like it and have a nice weekend, also for the mothers among us, have a great celebration day, get pampered :-)
More news to come this weekend I hope.. stay tuned ...
greetings Mira

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Scripting and Phlox

I don't know much about scripting as I told before, just struggling with some scripts to set them as I want them to behave.
I do have a lot of SL scripts that never worked in IW, but with the new Phlox engine comming up most of them will work like a charm.
To test some of those, I will need them for my modern house and the domotica, I went to a Phlox sim to test... and hoera... all works well !

The doors with lock and list wich are actually of no use, lock or not, you always can get in a house if you know how to do that :-) also the windows tinting panel, some radio streams and maybe a securety script, but the last haven't seen one yet in IW, it is not so friendly to eject people from your land ! Just waiting for the place I'm living now to be rolling out the Phlox, but we have to be patient for all IW sims to run them. Below is a list of the lucky one's and a grow chart for InWorldz wich will rise even more once the engine is released all over the grid.http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2011/04/clouds-help-propel-opensim-growth/

Tonight we Europeans (and also our overseas friends) will have a Phlox ROX party, if all goes well here in RL and I can escape, I like to go and party :-)
Shake the sim with as many avatars as possible, wearing a lot of prims, using scripts and dance for a while :-) and maybe crash the sim, after all it is a test , no ?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Southern Belles - By "Allure Modeling Agency"

Allure Modeling Agency Fashion show was a big succes !
Thanks to Boudica Destiny (see her blog and pictures, scroll down please) taken at the show and pointing out the movie on YouTube :-)

also thanks for me using this poster made by Tori Jules (I think)
Model and Marketing Director for Allure Modeling Agency.
Late to post but better than never :-)) next time I will be in time to announce the upcoming show (s).

Have Fun