Quote :
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big opening tonight !

After many days of hard work for many people, the day of the opening has arrived !
I like to give a special thanks to Sunbeam Magic who took over the difficult task of organizing this big event and for getting me out of the hands of the lag monster :-), he decided to make my build with a will of its own.... meaning, walls able to walk trough, water who wasn't Phantom anymore, stairs you could not climb, falling trough the floors and so on...

Homes and Residences Exhibition and Tradeshow will open his doors tonight from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm

I will pop in and say hello to everyone... and yes I'll dance away if permitted :-)
we all deserve some relaxed moments !

Here is a list of the Performers appearing on the Inworldz Grand Stage:
11 am ChelseaMarie Noel
12 pm Tip Corbett
1 pm Ichie Kamachi
2 pm Clairede Dirval
3 pm Zoree Jupiter
4 pm Prowess Rayna
5 pm Eliz Watanabe

Here is a list of the amazing talented builderz exhibiting and lot numbers:

Tenbears Running (00)-Ferrator Montoya (1)-Anyraya Braveheart (2)-Chas Dezno (3)-Julia Hathor (4)-Sunbeam Magic (5)-Duderz Lebowski (6)-Teal Freenote (7)-BigCity Mapholisto (8)-Tom Swift (9)-Kohkoh Baroque (10)-Mira Karu (11)-Thundercloud Kiama (12)-(13)Burning House(13)-Lamat Lisle (14)-Benski Trenkins (15)-Zauber Paracelsus (16)-Vickie Day (17)-Rosa Dagostino (18)-GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus (19)-Smokie Ember (20)-Divalin Magic (21)-Elin Egoyan (22)-Laetitia Aluveaux (23)-Blue Starsider (24)-Strand Starsider (25)-Maximillian-Svarovski (26)-Amaranthim Talon (27)-Alyvaral Aeghin (28)-Sunny Day (29)-Moon Satoshi(30)-Ambiant Kukulcan (31)-Rickina Hamelin (32 )-Bradd Laval (33)-Andromeda Wylder (34)-James Stuart (35)-Nyx Breen (36)-TIGGS Beaumont (37)-Thumpin Design (38)-ML Smith (39)-Lion Ewry (40)-Keira Alzael (41)

If you are a Inworldz habitant , you just must see all the fantastic buildings set up !
If not just join Inworldz (see on the right side of this blog how to log in).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FACADE modern prefab building

It is time to come out of the closet ! I was very much busy making houses , learning how to use scripts in doors, linking, how the Lite Rezzer works and many other demons I had to fight :-)

For my small brain, it was a big effort, but knowing myself , I like to learn and don't give up that easily...So step by step I came to the end product and almost ready to sell my modern buildings !

Just in time to set up the store at the same time as the opening of the
'Homes & Residences Exhibit on the Inworldz Event SIMS. Another possibility we get from the founders to exhibit the many talents of the habitants.

So I proudly present you FACADE the new shop/brand I created !
Besides making clothes this gives me some more freedom and exploration to express imagination and be creative :-)

More info will follow next days for the opening on the 31st of August on the Event SIMS.
I also will unveil my work on this blog, slowly as usual :-)))))))))

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Money makes the world go around...

Liza Minelli did a great act :-) are we ?

On the Forum there is a big debat going on about Classifieds, how to get the best model for it . They talk about ranking system, stars, how much it will cost etc... but most of all how to get noticed first !


Sjeeeesh, I had to bite my tongue and keep my fingers under controle not to jump in and tell them what I think of all this pushing, paying , money spending and money making.

We do tend to become like Second Life, in spite that most people left that place and came to Inworldz for the new breeze and just be happy to create and have fun. If this world changes it is because the people are molding it to known human RL behavior... MONEY gain, prestige ego and I could say some more (ugly) things :-)

I do understand that as Inworldz grows, the cost for the founders will rise and after childhood periode, things want be for free anymore !
Like paying for the Classifieds, I agree, but for a random amount of money to get higher up or to get a star for your business, this is beyond my thinking of a Virtual World ! I pressume some people will do good business and earn RL money with it, but I guess they are in the minority.
A lot of small merchants just like me do it for fun and learning, just to have an outlet for their creativity, not to earn bucks with it !
As it progresses, those small fishes will have more cost than a win situation... and maybe in the long run they will give up and just enjoy Inworldz chatting and exploring but want put money in their business anymore. Maybe it will kill creativity for many and keep the big business (read money gainers) rule the (In) world (z) !
My two cents worth, I would keep it democratic and have a fixed price or a decent maximum, give everyone a chance to be in Classifieds alternate the list and keep it clean with no dead ends or wrong places. If not, I want spent that much to be in the high ranking position or to get a star... what the f**k this is not Real Life ! but a virtual gaming/playing world, if you want to earn $, open a webshop :-) why this place has to become a copy of the daily living... where money makes the world go around :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Surprise, surprice ?

Yes indeed it is a real surprise for me, knowing that only about 6 people untill now have taken the groupgift for 1 I'Z... Is this a surprice ?

I can think of other possibilities why it has no succes !

1. 1 I'Z is too much to pay
2. The dress is ugly and I want spent that money
3. It is to complicated to get it.
3. I have no time to TP to that place to get it
4. I just clicked the group notice away without reading, so I don't really know
5. Maybe next notice I will pay attention but I hate SPAM
6. Or... I turned off all notices for that group
7. I want the easy way, why don't they just drop a box in the notices so I don't have to spent time getting it myself !
8. I'm sick of getting (almost) freebies, I want to spent some money !
9. Or the opposite, if I go get it, maybe the vendor expect me to buy something else, so I stay away.
10. I don't want to be registered in her account !

Well you see there could be many reasons why my business is not going as it should even with the groupgift ! This is a big surprise for me :-)
I can not compare the statistics of the past when the groupgift was for 0 I'Z...

The only thing I know is that there are more competitors 'dress designers' in Inworldz now, a lot to choose from and good quality too... So if I need to maintain , I'll have to come up with more quality products and better idea's :-)
I thank the people who DO LIKE what they see and take the groupgift or buy a dress or anything else, occasionally.

What I'll never do is stick my business in their throat by spamming with notices to read over and over again !
But meanwhile I'll read my quote on top of this blog once more and contemplate :-))))

Edit: for some reason the groupdiscount script stopped working, so no one could buy it !
I was wondering why the dress was not taken for 1 I'z :-)


Saturday, August 6, 2011

M!RAMODE Groupgift for August

Changes for Groupgift

Monthly Groupgift is set for 1 I'Z as a groupdiscount, this allows me to have hold on things , if a monthly gift was a succes and taken a lot or not at all.
I'm sure you want mind:-) For those who don't know how to get it from the vendor, I made an instruction panel. It is not complicated and if you have forgotten to wear your VIP M!RAMODE tag ,payed and didn't get the gift , your 1'Iz is payed back automatically ! Just read local chat and start over again with tag:-) Thank You for understanding !

Groupgift/Discount for August
Dear Vips, the groupgift is set out at the stores. You can come pick it up till next weekend, 14th of August. Please read the other message about the groupgift becoming a Group Discount for 1I'Z.
Indi is a lovely Indian Saree with many layers so you can play with it. The Juwelry is NOT included but you can buy for a small price :-)
I hope you like it, have fun !
Thank you for your support :-)
greetz Mira

Monday, August 1, 2011

M!RAMODE Cleopatra

Where do I get my inspiration ?
It depends on my mood and the things I come across :-)
Like for instance, the July groupgift skin from CMC ...
I rarely hunt for free things but for a skin I keep an eye on it :-)
So this time it was a bronze and luxery golden skin with glowing golden lips, suited for an exotic Queen to wear.
Queen you said ? where do we find real life exotic Queens these days ?
Who is the Queen of the Queens ? For me that's Cleopatra !
She did everything to have power, even married her brothers and had the most powerful men at her side and in her bed :-) But the story ended in suicide...but she still lives among us and is an inspiration for many artists !

Anyway, I just had the right textures stored in my map... and started... it took me awhile to complete the picture with a crown and juwels :-)

By the way, I had great fun making all of this, also the Advertisement pictures for the Allure Magazine and later on for the vendor (will be out soon).Who can say they were Cleopatra for a few days ! lol

August Issue Allure Magazine