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Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My contribution for the Silent Auction

A lot of Inworldz people are busy to make things to donate for the St Jude's Children's Hospital.
Jeri Rahja is collecting items for the auction, it seems there will be all sorts of things you can bid on, from clothes, to art, to builds to to ... you name it :-)
I wanted to express myself in an 'Art'  (in parentheses) piece about Cancer...it is a statue with a head locked in an armor mask, the floating orbs are Cancer Cells. Its called  'Fight Cancer'

Text Jeri Rahja :
There will be a ART / CREATION AUCTION for ST JUDE from August 8th and ending August 22nd at 8pm IWZ time. We are now making a call for donations for creative items - and asking for you to just add a bit of a twist to the items so they can be maybe just of the unusual or one of a kind

If you encounter my contribution on the auction SIMS please place a bid on it ... its for the good cause !

 Inworld its moving and glittering :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cute Company

I had a wonderful relaxing time yesterday making these Bears for the Coming Cancer Event.
Aren't they cute ? :-)  I hope they will sell for the fund raising for
 St Jude's Childrens Hospital !

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Groupgift for July

 The groupgift for July has been released !

The groupgift for M!RAMODE has been set up at the stores ! It will be available  till the end of July. Its a Mermaid with animation but you can wear it with the skirt as normal dress. Hope you  all have a fresh dive or jive :-) Please do also visit the mainstore at Star City Mall and look for the great shops and  new updates :-) have a great weekend !  greets Mira

Models's Choice Show

The Bellissima Square shopping center is lancing a new project, the Model's Choice Show !
Come Party and have fun :-)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tonight's show

Text from TIGGS Beaumont on the Forum :

 This coming weekend, Saturday, July, 07, 2012, at 2:00 PM...a new and very innovative fashion shows takes place at "Stage Aqua" below Poseidon Island, of the Magellans.
"ALLURE", the Elite and Original Modeling Agency of Inworldz, along with sponsor TIGGS Beaumont will host the first ever Beneath the Sea Fashion Show Inworldz. This is the second in a series of innovative shows that will bring the world of fashion and the multi faceted and extremely talented creators of Inworldz to all.
The genre included are beachwear and mermaid. There are fashions in these categories for the discerning male and female both. Having seen some of the fashion, I am thrilled these are being offered. Fellas, this also may be the first time you have fashion that outshines the ladies at times Inworldz.
To complete the decor, art pieces by Glory nider, of Glorywood, D&G Creations, Sapphy Rotaru, of Gallimaufry Store, Strand Starsider, of Mermaids, and Julia hathor, of Creative Fantasy have been incorporated into the sea decor that surrounds "Stage Aqua" These artisans works are seen throughout 3 islands of ocean life beneath the seas.
The fashion show will showcase creations and designs by 4 of the top creators Inworldz as well.

Lady Lyra, by Lyrana Courtois

Haute Couture, by Brelle Dufaux

Designs by Shalenda, by Shalenda Littlebird

Ultraje fashion, by Pamela Easton

This will open a world of Aqua to all.
As a wonderful courtesy, Yoki Tansy of Yokfish Mermaids, (an amazing creator of male and female mer) has dressed both Raven and TIGGS. Yoki has also graciously sent over several AO's for the models
Mira Karu has generously gifted her wonderful Mer dance AO for us to distribute. Miramode, her store has them as well, and a beautiful mer alongside her gorgeous creations.

Don't miss this exciting day of Oceanic beauty!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Independence Day

Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the national day of the United States.

Fot this occasion I made a Stars&Stripes outfit, free to take away  and to celebrate  in beauty on the 4th of July !
Only at the mainstore at Star City Mall

The fireworks you have to provide yourself :-)