Quote :
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let the party begin :-)

Yes, indeed I mixed up my dates again in previous post... ai, it is today 31st for the opening of the Birthday Celebration of InWorldz ! No not tomorrow first of April , but is indeed the date InWoldz was born 2 years ago. By now the community has grown over 34.000 members.

If you like sweets, you just take a copy, buying it for O I'z. A sweet Birthday Cupcake with an animation for you and your partner, let the chocolate surround you and eat as much as you can. Don't mind your kilo's just enjoy :-)

I also did some things, other builders made, a rollercoaster type of attraction, like on a fancy fair, there is a lot to do and not only looking at some builds ! Wait till physics are coming soon...then you'll need a vomiting bag :-))

have fun ...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Milky Way - Journey through our Galaxy

You must know by now , I do love Space, the Univers and Galaxies :-)
Its a wonderful world beyond our comprehension ! The dreaming floating particles we see, gives us a dreamy feeling, maybe that aspect is what draws me to the Univers ? Yes I do write it with a capital because it is so vast ,
immeasurable with wonderful colors, light that travels for ages in our time laps and has powers for us humans not to equal. For my admiration for 'space beyond the eye' I was tempted to make my own Univers in a Virtual World where it can be done on a smaller scale of course !

I made my little Sphere or Galaxy for the Birthday Celebration coming up after tomorrow on the 1st of April and this is no April fool :-) ! A real challenge how to succeed in this on a small scale... well it was fun ... so I hope if you go visit the Celebration SIMS to step on the teleport to go to my 'Orbit' and have fun, but put your feet firmly on the ground or you can have dizziness :-)) yes, the Univers is in a perpetual motion...

Artist's Showcase M!RAMODE and Galaxy Art Gallery, InWorldz Events D (138, 54, 35)

The music and images go well together, the music composer made lovely filmmusic I have to discover more of him !
Butterfly Tea is his music name but his real name is Olivier Renouard a french composer.
just Google and you will find out more about his work if you like this kind of music !

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last day for the Groupgift of March

Time goes fast , it is already the last day for the groupgift of March ! Yes it will been taken down late this night (or for me sunday morning) Sometimes it is a little thinking what I write and what time when a action is taken, because of my time laps of 9 hours comparing to InWorldz, that means almost a full day (but this weekend we get Summer Time) But I think 14 days to get a free dress is time enough ...
I occasionally
receive a personal compliment about a free groupdress, but only on my blog never IW, but thats ok:-) I know from my SL period when I took a lot of member dresses and friebies, me too never said thank you or wrote a note to the maker to say how pleased I was ! But the M!RAMODE group is increasing and that means a lot of people like to join to take the free dress.
So I do not have a problem with not receiving compliments ! I only want people to enjoy and to be beautiful in a virtual world, without thinking of money, so be happy with it !

I said before , I'm not money minded but love to create without spamming people with my stuff to buy. I do get more group notices from all over, sometimes 3x the same one, this increased a lot lately. see my older post .For that reason I unchecked to receive email from InWorldz announcements. On a busy day it can be over 60 emails !! I know all good things come in 3 but for this one I'll pass... :-) I can see and read it in my messages/account also x3 and that is fine for me to stay updated !

I'm working out a new idea for a new brand for my prim work, in that way I can keep it seperate from clothing, but I hear you say , oh no !!! another one to get messages from !!!:-) but I will keep it within limits, like I always do ,lol. You 'll be posted later on that one .

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Construction for the Birthday Celebration

the moon was my supervisor :-)

Pffff, have finished the build for my plot at the Birthday Celebration SIMS.
I 'm not a good builder or knowing my keyboard very well and how to make it easier. I do have a short memory and always go back to the simple non professional way of building. The end result is the same, ( I hope) but it cost me more time and patience to finish all this. That's why I am a tortoise :-) but as long as it is fun, who cares, no one sees the hard labour and long hours put into it !

I was building on my platform in the sky and learned a lot again, like rotating prims behaving differently when linked ! Used also an elevator to go up the construction, not easy to match to the platforms when the elevator stops, the script says you can adjust , but it does only in steps of 10 meters, not for higher or for bigger builds, as we can with the Inworldz viewer:-) Tried to set it higher but no result, or maybe I missed something ?. It was a challenge to work around this and make it at the exact stop for the elevator. But for those who are afraid of them I will set some teleporters so escaping is always possible !
Anyway, this is builders talk and scripters knowledge and I'm very bad at it :-), but happy I could be creative and make my imagination come true in the virtual world,

and that's what counts :-)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inworldz® Winners of the Photo Contest

The 5 winners of each categorie are known, we just wait for the finalist and end winner out of 5 categories. But to my surprise it was Teal Freenote who got 3x first place! I don't have anything against Teal and her fabulous work as an artist, but I would have prefered to have seen more different styles of photo's made to the finish!
I loved her 'love and relation' picture very much, and if we could have voted for each category instead of voting only for 1 picture, I would have chosen hers.
If you want to read and see more and to know more about the makers and people behind the works, take a look at the Forum from page 3 but skip the bickering about who's the maker of the prim(s) :-)

But like with every baby it has to grow and needs education, so I think changing the rules for voting and finding a way to stay anonymous would be great. Also a limit for pictures and some other things...
I loved to participate and I love to express myself with images:-) so hope there will be another initiative in the futur even if it's not only for the founders but for people who love art and taking photo's, not for the money, just for fun and to have a purpose !

I made a collage of my contribution because finally want to step out of anonymity :-)
My ego says I can do this ! lol


Saturday, March 19, 2011

InWorldz Birthday Celebration

The InWorld Birthday Celebration looks like it will get slowly on his feet :-) The lucky one's who got a parcel can start building tomorrow. I'm before my plot and contemplating, as I have to make a choice what to build and display :-)
The building people made a great layout for the SIMS , still have to go and visit the other places soon:-) can't wait to see all the set ups from our friends made InWorldz !
As I go along, I'll keep you informed :-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Image Steal ?

Mardi Gras is over and I was looking already to the new celebration to come,
St Patricks Day on the 17th of March ! Sear
ching on the net for ideas and maybe some full perm textures to use. I was visiting the Marketplace of Second Life (I do visit once in awhile to see the current trend, what is popular etc), but...it always makes me a bit resentful if I see those items,mostly textures for sale, presented with a picture and printed SAMPLE accross !
As if it is a great treasure to keep to yourself :-) especially if you can get the same picture with a few clicks away on Google Search ! In case you are the original maker of the texture and it can be found in search for free why lock it in SL ? If you are not the same creator but a vendor, manipulating the image, you didn't do anything but steal the thing and then put a co
pyright mark on it, this goes beyond my understanding !
I did the same now, to show you, but not in this way ! (there is no money gain)
But indeed it often happens with textures ... as if you will earn a lot of Linden dollars on the Marketplace with this attitude... I ask myself why do they do it ?
This can make me pettish sometimes :-)

So inventing or making your own is a good idea, instead of using the work of other people and claim it ! (in some cases)
Mostly I make my own textures and can speak with a clean
conscience :-)
and if I use full perm of others , I will never lock them.

sorry, I'm short in time and temper for making a 'freebie goodie' for St Patricks but there are hunts à volonté on the grid :-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Groupgift for March

After the Carnival festivities it is time to prepare us for spring !
I made a beautiful gown for the groupmembers for March and has been set up at the stores!
Its is a delicate LiLac dress with a big collar and sculpted flower bottom. This dress is perfect for a romantic evening to dance away or without bottom skirt you can wear it as a cocktail dress ! I hope you like it:-) as usual wear your tag to get it at the Mainstore, Bellissima or Farraige till 26th of March.
Thanks for your support,without you, this would not be possible !

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad Start for the Mardi Gras

The difference between real life and virtual party's is the fact that you have everything in control, the time you arrive, how late you stay, what you do, how much you drink, in other words you don't need anything besides yourself to make it work and you make the rules ! :-)
Virtual worlds is something else.... It gives you stress, some vapors and staying up late (in my case as a European).
Setting up my float for the parade was already the start of many lag problems to come... I could not stay on the megaprim platform and was forced down to 'earth' several times. Before I had all installed well and took a good look for things yet to do , I was kicked out of IW. Could not get in anymore to do the finishing touch. So I gave up on that and finished my RL dinner. By the time the parade started I had also (or still) login problems... finally made it to rezz and saw a lot of people , by the time I had my camera ready I was off again, grrrr and had only 1 picture...
Then we where invited by a link to go to the Fashion Show, this I could not miss, since I never had seen one and a few of my outfits I made where showing !
So I tried the TP but nope... no chance to get off the old place, not only me but a lot of us. The people who organised the whole event where trying desperate behind the scene for a solution to get under the lag. After a while we got another address link , the fashion show had moved to Bella on ground level, the sim of Raven Dulce and the shopping Mall in the sky.
This didn't work either I tried several times to get in, once or twice I did an attempt to get to my store in the sky at Bella and thought, well if I drop myself, not a suicide
attempt lol, I could maybe make it to the fashion show below :-)
(this is RL thinking but does not always work in VW)
But I kept flying horizontal instead of dropping vertical :-) and finally yes finally I crashed again, not only out of IW but my PC as well... then I gave up and went to bed very stressed with a head like a juicy red tomato:-) All this remembered me why I don't like party's with a lot of people, staying up late and fighting against lag :-)

The Fashion show was postponed for a later hour and had moved again to another sim with less lag...
I was reading it this morning, but for that I lost track and was dreaming away in my bed at that time.
I hope after all, they all had a great time and I admire the people who keep holding the festivities on track and make the best out of it ! Thanks to all of you !

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mardi Gras event schedule

Tori Jules made a nice event board wich I could use. Thank you Tori, it saves me time as I was so busy lately for the Mardi Gras festivities. I made costumes for the store also for the fashion show and a float for the parade. As you can read it will be a day full of joy and fun :-) I'm joining the first two events and will go to bed very late, but I make an exception this time... afterall it is only once a year Carnival ! But I will take a rest before I prepare and build again for another event coming at the end of the month. I will talk about that soon :-)

The groupgift/dress for march is also ready I just need to make a compilation for the picture board. The dress looks very elegant with ... but first comes the Carnival... I must say I do improve on speed lol... for me the tortoise... I look more like the hare :-))) but I will slow down after the Mardi Gras.

I like to thank all the people who came to my stores, the sales went beyond my expectations...and I hope you are content and all are looking beautiful :-)

Have a great Carnival celebration and have fun... !