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but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mermaids inspiration from IW7 Birthday Bash

Each year InWorldz organizes a great Event to celebrate their Birthday as a virtual world.
They give us opportunity to create and build a world full of imagination... for free...
I wish them many years ahead and thank you for making our dreams come true !

Got inspired by the lovely underwater Sims the builders made, its a pitty not to go swim and feel like a Mermaid, those lovely fantasy creatures.
You can get them only at M!RAMODE mainstore (see TP link on the right side of this blog) and occasionally at the Shoppe District of IW7 Sim G Shop 4.

Tails are in MESH (rigged to one leg) but only for viewers who have the DEFORMER option !
(this will fit your avatar- even big or small- no need for sizes S,M,L)

I hope you go dancing/swimming and feel like a Mermaid, they are very lovely fantasy creatures...
More to come later (even tried to make a Merman, see how that turned out, if he makes it LOL

Note: if you like Avatar Art , I have the Avant-Garde collection set out above the stand of the Mermaids Tried even to make a mer dance.... not great quality... but jump on the shell and move/swim at the InWorldz Event scenic 38 IW7  Avatar Art & Animations.

Have Fun and Happy Easter to all !