Quote :
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Made some New Dresses

Yep, I was in a kind of hurry to get the new dresses done for the New Year Party's to come !
For me it is always quit late because I'm CET time :-)
At night my PC is turned down, because in the past when I was active in SL,went way to late to bed ! NO good :-) so I will not be at the Maskerade party I guess.
Had planned to do so ... and even made a dress for the occasion.
It is finished after a good lesson of texturing and weird fenomena happening ,
but solved the problem !
So for those who don't have a formal or party dress yet, come and take a look at the store(s). They have been set up for sale :-)
Wanted to make a mask, but did not succeed, for a tortoise I ran already a marathon :-))
but you can take a taxi to :

If you like it more formal, I made this chique winter gown with a fur collar

If you like more color, this is a fresh and playful outfit !

enjoy your last days of the year !
And now I'm going to fall in my sofa and gaze at the TV ! lol
Oh yeh, did the dishes too ! :-)))


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Me and my Little voice

I suppose, making a bill of the past year and trying to make promises or good intention for the next one is not very original.
We all do it in a way, in our head, or said in a joke, but mostly it is no big deal if you don't make it, no harm is done, you only promised it to yourself :-)
But you could be surprised how much you are lying :-)

Me :
Oh gosh ! I look at the dishes, its a whole
pile from yesterday's evening dinner... I should do them now (guilt) instead of sitting at the PC, mailing, blogging, creating or being Inworldz !
But I can't now for the moment ... I need to do first some work to finish at my store at Inworldz...its very very important !

My little voice:
Oh, well I'm not going to do the dishes for you , you lazy thing !
you need to spend some more time for household tasks!
(guilt increases)

Me :
Oh pffff, I need to get PC things done in a faster way, I'm to slow...I know
But I really need my time ! Wish I w
as faster ... so I could do the dishes !

Little voice :
Oh, forget it, you don't have the bra
ins for this,
it will always remain a wish !
This is a cheap excuse to skip the dishes...
You have to divide...

Divide, what divide ?

Little voice :
TIME , use your time well like you did before, you could do it remember ?

Me :
Really could I ?, that must have been ages ago...
What are you trying to say ?
come on say it ! right in my face and right now !

Little voice :
Hm... well , huh.. shrug... you are ADDICTED !!!
you lose your grip to reality, you need help !
You run to the store like a crazy woman, hush hush, to be home again to spent your time at the PC,
You should do the dishes FIRST among other things and then ..
in your spare time using internet !
But you are doing just the opposite ... even worse...
You cook and you blog at the same time !
Putting the timer at 5 minutes and at the bell ring you run to the kitchen to see if the food didn't burn !
no good... insane I tell you ... you need HELP !

Me :
Addicted, Help ? insane, me ? no way ... or .... is it that bad ? hm... really ?

Little voice :
Really !

Me :
Hmm... thinking very deep and I say : Ok, ok , I promise to do better next year !
I will spent more time for shopping , making dinner (only that) and doing the dishes BEFORE I use internet !

Little voice :
Are you speaking the truth ?

Me :
I did promise already, isn't that enough ?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas

Let Christmas not become a thing
Merely of merchant's trafficking,
Of tinsel, bell and holly wreath
And surface pleasure, but beneath
The childish glamour, let us find
Nourishment for soul and mind.
Let us follow kinder ways
Through our teeming human maze,
And help the age of peace to come
From a Dreamer's martyrdom.
~Madeline Morse


Friday, December 17, 2010

December Dress for the Vip's

As promised, the new december Dress for M!RAMODE
group members is been set up at the stores.
Its called 'Starnight', I hope you like it,
so come by at the mainstore at Isle of Anu
or at Milan Center to pick it up,
don't forget to wear your group tag by
touching the giftbox.
This dress will be available only for group members
till sunday 2nd of january 2011.
After that it will be part of the collection for sale.

mainstore Isle of Anu :

M!RAMODE mainstore, Isle of Anu (111, 83, 21)

Milan Center :
Milan Center, Milan Center (191, 22, 22)

note that most of the items you will see at the mainstore are for sale,
just hover with your mouse and you will get the price and can take a copy :-)

Thank you for your support and I wish you all
a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
Greetz Mira Karu


shops shops shops adds adds adds

Inworldz is growing and each time I open the viewer, more residents have come in, a good thing to see especially to the founders and people who work hard to make this place come alive.
After some emailproblems ( had no address anymore for a long time and was sort of homeless,did this myself I guess) I was not so aware of the messages given by people about new shops or items to sell :-)
Oh my my !!, it looks like SPAM !
I made a new email account for this tornado to collect his wind :-)
My goodness, luckely I did ! Do you feel also the increase of messages ?
Inworldz is very 'appealing' for business people , no cost to set up or import things such as pictures, templates, UV maps etc...a big saving for merchants.
A dress for instance, before it goes in sale, you have to spent minimum 50 L$ before it can be put in the store in the 'other world'.
This amount can be much more if you have sculpted items to go with the creation.
So no wonder that Inworldz is being invaded by new store people :-)
This is not a bad thing and keeps economy going but I hope this will not become the major activity of Inworldz or become Shopland like 'the other world'
This futur image and migration scares me ...

I hope Art, fantasy and being different than most commercial SIMS, will not decrease.
Money gain or greed will not take over the Art and fantasy , so let us live nicely together Inworldz, but at the end I'm afraid business will take over just like in RL !

Today I will send my members a group notice for their new gift to be take in the store... no spam by me in other groups or forum !
Yes Yes, I know I'm a very bad merchant :-))))

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A World in a World

You ever wondered why everything is so small in Virtual Worlds ?
If you drop a necklace or earrings on the floor instead of wearing them, you realize how small all this is...
On your avatar you don't have that feeling , because most of the time you zoom in on yourself or others.
I made a lot of things for an avatar, like skirts and collars or sjaals, but lately I was building (let say playing) some cakes, far to big it seemed.
I don't know why but they turned out that way :-) as I was trying to put them on a plate for avatar size, had to squeze them a lot to fit !
This was not my thingie, I sensed immediately, it was all to small for me I like it BIG :-) lol

big version

Today was my Inworlz blog surfing visite for the Challenge #4 , discovered new things ... like the blog of soror Nishi WAW... it was a World in a World , such a fantasy an explosion like an orgasm of colored objects in big size, yes !!! Art, fantasy no gravity , film , pictures, music ... I was like a sponge to take it all in... what a wonderfull blog and great work !!!

The contrast could not have been bigger, me putting some cakes on a platter some hours before, far to small for my taste, here I saw huge imaginary constructions :-))
This is what I like to try ! went trough my head, but... I have no experience, nor the island or space to do this only the drive for learning. Maybe some day, who knows... I'll go beyond my bonderies, I will keep it in mind and let it ripe like a good Camembert Cheese, there is no hurry ...(knowing me)

I had a fantastic sunday afternoon :-)
Thank you all for writing and of course to soror for the visuals !


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

InWorldz Blogger Challenge #4

...often, people start a blog and then it sits all sad and neglected. Maybe they get writer’s block. Maybe they get shy. Perhaps they need inspiration.

Or perhaps they don't get attention as they expected ?
or a visitors counter sticks at the same level ?
and they feel sad because nobody is coming to read or respond on what they have to say.
or they may think after a while 'what is the use ?, what do I win ?'
I lose my time !
or they want to be part of it in the beginning, a lot of people like to join a group...

Well if you start a blog for all those (wrong)
reasons, you are about to give up after a while...
I think first of all you have to love writing, havin
g inspiration about anything what occupies you, being inspired by others, having time to spent on blogging and most of all being consequent in what you stand for.

This internet media monster has so much to offer with many possibilities to 'spread your word' so being consequent for your blog is hard to keep up.. and you may end up behaving like a dog in a ninepins game !

this quote is rather harsh, but holds a certain truth :-)

Also a point to consider by opening a blog, you have to let go a layer of self-protection and it is not always sunshine and rose petals, you may get negative feedback as well, privat or in public ! Or encouter people with less good intentions...its rare but it can happen :-)

So in my opinion, blogging is for the brave, consistant, inspired people who love to express themselves and don't give a damn who is reading it or not at all !
its like an addiction and passion, you have to blog !

advice to give ? well this would be difficult, blogging is different for everyone, the reason to start a blog is that too :-)

My reason was simple, I like blogging and wanted to have a connection to my Inworld work as a creator to reach my potential customers who wanted to have more info about the store, work and progress and the avatar or me, myself, behind all this . I never had a blog about Virtual Worlds so I hope to keep it alive and kicking as long as I do come Inwoldz (s), otherwise this blog will keep silent just like Mira Karu !

sorry I have no pictures from my start Inworldz, was not intended to stay, so didn't take some, only when I started blogging, business and building...but those are already posted :-)

For the new blogpeople, welcome to Inworldz Bloggers :-) lets meet again !

Tits on a plate

First thing I do when I open my blog in the morning is clicking on my bloglist to visit the other blogs.
Sometimes a title of the new article gives me already a tingle and a little smile on my face. 'The Championna' in this is without no doubt Wiskey !
I love her style of writing, wittiness, humor, straight forward and for sure her soberness...yes that too :-)
'In Wich I' her new title, gave me a lot of things to fill in, so a fast click to her blog explained what she meant !

She was standing in 'mini thingies underwear' posing away,
showing her butt in a sexy pose to read 'Bitch', sexy enough to forget the message :-)
Beware of the cast she is wearing (think she broke her arm ?) or is it a hidden weapon to use ?
You see her also in romantic moments 'In Wich I' (meaning me Wiskey) would explain the title of this article a lot.
Very nice blog presentation indeed, sexy, pinky, brown, hidden and showing some 'tits on a plate' :-)
Ho ho my head took a spin, can you image nipples replaced by eyes ?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The mainstore at Isle of Anu

Days went by and not posting, busy busy :-)
Did the set up of the mainstore at Isle of Anu,
when I rezzed on the spot (after building it on my platform),
it was way to long way to big ... how did I miscalculated that one ? :-))

A lot of work again to do, but I like building, if I'm not doing this,
I would do some other things like ... making a new free dress for my group members, will post this later, its a cutie...
Also MiraKaru was baking cakes and making sweets for me in SL :-)
Have to bring them over and put them in the store, if everything goes well !

I have done a lot for my pace :-) ... will blog all this soon, so see you !

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Finished building

The 'to do' list is shrinking :-)
I did my best and almost completed the store yesterday !
My best compagnion and friend the tortoise was sitting
next to me :-)

One more thing to try is to convince him to sit
on the roof of the construction...

I would love to have him as my Ex Libris !

See .. he loves it :-) big one, but I'm happy.

I'm so excited, yep,
my inner child is having a big thrill :-))
and I'm lucky to have her still ! (it rhymes)

The obstacles are fading away and the good fairy
is taking care of me !
Life can be that simple, lol

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

InWorldz Blogger Challenge #3

Equinox Equinox Equinox !!!

Yes, this is really a nice place to visit, I had planned already to write about it ... but had some other things on my mind, so Whiskey made a good choice for challenge # 3 :-)
This Sim and concept is a realisation of a few people , you can find it at the

A day after they openend I went to take a look, all is very well made like the cabins, ski-lodge, shops, ski slopes, you name it. Its a real Winter Dream !
Also a giant tree with all the goodies you can take as a Christmas gift !

Took some pictures in a new freebie Christmas outfit while sitting on the bridge.
Poor me :-( I was having cold, shivered and had to sneeze ! Yep got a cold on the spot :-)
Went home and said by myself, girl, if you want to skate on that beautiful lake next time, you need some warm clothes and the others too and started immediatly with making a nice skating outfit.
Its like blogging, a good chemistry and vibes gives you inspiration, like a snowball effect? :-)
I wanted to set the giftbox by the tree, but for some reason (see article below) was behind with all I had 'to do' on my list.

Went back though to make first some pictures in the outfit for the blog.
Before publishing this article the outfit will be under the tree, if you like it, go and find it :-)

Oh yes, but most important, explore this scenary, have fun at this beautiful Sim made with love by Talia Fournier and her friends !
Have a few spins on the Ice but be careful ! don't break a leg :-)


Having a Boost

Yep, I tried to do a lot in a short time, not my style and things went wrong :-)
still trying to reorganise my whole business!
Building up the stress and going fast.... hm.... not a good marriage for me :-)

I bought/rented some land (already here it went wrong ) to set up a new store (still building) because I'm sick of looking at the Halloween decoration from my 'next door merchant' at Milan Center. I kept silent for a long time, but since I did some Christmas decoration it really pissed me off :-) It looks rediculous isn't it ?
Even with several gently writings and pleadings to 'please remove or return the damn things ' like the Holy Grave Yard Smoke, no response yet :-(
Or they died (hope not) , or just left the whole thing..... or no intrest anymore in doing business or coming to Inworldz !
No offence or bad talk, but I do not like an auto pilot or deadly silence :-)

Before all my stuff is set , it will take time...lol
you can look at it in a different way, going, longing, achieving is the greatest part of all, once all done the fun and creation is over, this only means I will not do that much what I had in mind, so be it :-)

this saying could cover the feeling

Problems are not solved quickly.
A knot you have to untangle slowly.

Deng Ming-Dao

I love Tao (prefer Lao-Tse)

have a great day !