Quote :
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

InWorldz Blogger Challenge #4

...often, people start a blog and then it sits all sad and neglected. Maybe they get writer’s block. Maybe they get shy. Perhaps they need inspiration.

Or perhaps they don't get attention as they expected ?
or a visitors counter sticks at the same level ?
and they feel sad because nobody is coming to read or respond on what they have to say.
or they may think after a while 'what is the use ?, what do I win ?'
I lose my time !
or they want to be part of it in the beginning, a lot of people like to join a group...

Well if you start a blog for all those (wrong)
reasons, you are about to give up after a while...
I think first of all you have to love writing, havin
g inspiration about anything what occupies you, being inspired by others, having time to spent on blogging and most of all being consequent in what you stand for.

This internet media monster has so much to offer with many possibilities to 'spread your word' so being consequent for your blog is hard to keep up.. and you may end up behaving like a dog in a ninepins game !

this quote is rather harsh, but holds a certain truth :-)

Also a point to consider by opening a blog, you have to let go a layer of self-protection and it is not always sunshine and rose petals, you may get negative feedback as well, privat or in public ! Or encouter people with less good intentions...its rare but it can happen :-)

So in my opinion, blogging is for the brave, consistant, inspired people who love to express themselves and don't give a damn who is reading it or not at all !
its like an addiction and passion, you have to blog !

advice to give ? well this would be difficult, blogging is different for everyone, the reason to start a blog is that too :-)

My reason was simple, I like blogging and wanted to have a connection to my Inworld work as a creator to reach my potential customers who wanted to have more info about the store, work and progress and the avatar or me, myself, behind all this . I never had a blog about Virtual Worlds so I hope to keep it alive and kicking as long as I do come Inwoldz (s), otherwise this blog will keep silent just like Mira Karu !

sorry I have no pictures from my start Inworldz, was not intended to stay, so didn't take some, only when I started blogging, business and building...but those are already posted :-)

For the new blogpeople, welcome to Inworldz Bloggers :-) lets meet again !


  1. Wow, great post and I think you said it very very well. I agree with you, it takes passion and desire and more than a passing whim to really have a good blog. I'm glad you have one Mira, I enjoy yours immensely.

  2. Well this was among the best analyzes iv read about blogging. on the spot! I like it a lot! =)

  3. Thank you Whiskey and Kranfel for your visit and kind words :-) ^^