Quote :
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mardi Gras costumes

Finally I have finished the costumes for Mardi Gras in the weekend ! They are up for sale at the stores and documented at the Forum

It was hard work and sometimes I had to squeeze my lips for bad language when things didn't turn out as I expected... so once in while my cat woke up when a curse escaped my mouth :-) , I'm only human lol. But I loved it and was learning every day... so no complaints for this.
I hope you like the costumes too ! It was the first time I made something for a male avatar, with a template for a female ... Is not what it should be, I did some search for them but could not find it. If a reader of this article knows where I can get a male PHOTOSHOP template , I would jump in the air hm... not really but would be very happy :-)

I also made some masks, almost for free, 1 and 10 I'z !
All the new things will also be for sale on the Mardi Gras market stall and showed on the Fashionshow... on the 8th of March. More info to come !

PS. The Bellissima Square Shopping center has moved to the Magelan Sea Colony. You still can use the old TP address, easy... no changes for you and me, oh big relief,would have been a good job to change them all in the vendors, notecards, forum etc... Only when you have it in your Profile Pictures you have to go there and set the Land Mark again oef....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Inworldz Photo Contest Overview

Now that the contest is closed, the Photo Exhibition is open for the founders and jury of InWorldz to make their choice for Promotion material for the websites.
Also the public can make a vote for the 'best one' :-)
I went to see the work of the participants and was surprised to see all those nice pictures. A very hard job to pick one out of 113 :-)
Narrowed down already to 3 favorites but did not make a decision yet.

One picture I like a lot but it is not InWorldz looking, made by a photographer I'm very sure of that. If you had the chance to see it in Real Life it would be a fantastic click of the moment !
All the works are anonymous, so no favorisme by friends voting, or you have to drag them to the exhibition point your work and ask them to vote .... :-)

I'm very curious to know the outcome ...but we have to wait and give it some time for people to visit ...

Us Vemo and Anna Loom did a great job for organizing this contest
and setting up this exhibition !

Also Bradd Laval was so kind to make a video about this event,
I think he want mind me using his Youtube link...
If you like Virtual Worlds you will see our fabulous InWorldz in 10 minutes :-)

or go see it InWorldz
secondlife://Alinja/176/67/25 and use the TP upstairs

for more information see this thread in the InWorldz forum
or visit the curators blog The Virtual World of Us


Friday, February 18, 2011

preparing for Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday called in the USA, is a Carnival like we have in Belgium. The Gilles of Binche situated in the french part of Belgium is very known accross the border
. In 2003, the "Carnival of Binche" was proclaimed one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

It is a very old tradition where the man wears wooden clogs and the costume is stuffed with straw. It is a very hard job to be a Gilles de Binche and goes mostly from father to son to become one. It takes a good preparation and excersise trough the year to walk with the clogs and the heavy head piece of feathers.

We also have Carnival in the Flemish part of the country, the community Aalst is the most famous one. On that day the' Voil Janetten' , meaning the Dirty Homo's (sorry is not my definition but used in a funny context),all man who like to be dressed as a woman can do so, we are very tolerant and having great fun:-)

Also the pararade is colored with slogans for things that happened last year, for sure it will be the long taking decision on making a new government. Yes we have a record, over 250 days already. It demonstrate how the politicians
want an independent Flemish and French side with Brussels in the middle for a great fight !

so this was a Real Life peek for Carnival :-)

The virtual Carnival for InWorldz is coming along and I'm making a few outfits :-)
There will be a great Celebration for the Mardi Gras with a lot of festivities like a Fashionshow a Maskerade Ball, Float contest, marketplace with stalls and much more... I'll keep you posted !
For now I return to my atelier to do some more work ... see you soon :-)

Take a note in your Agenda : Tuesday 8th of March Mardi Gras....
info : http://inworldz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=7169

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Opening Galaxy Art Gallery

It took some time to have my new project finally done and the new child is born.
As I told you before in a previous post, it all came to me out of the blue !

I know... Art and Gallery's is not the main interest in Virtual Worlds but they still have a place, even if it is a small one. I love beauty, all I see around me what catches my eye and touches me in some way, is an enrichment of my life, weather it be in VW or outside !
But I want talk about myself anymore :-)

If you like beauty and explore someone's other world or way to express themselves, you certainly have to take a visit at my new Galaxy Art Gallery !

The build itself is already a work of art, made by Trib Sin, a Sphere or planet in the sky filled with his Real Life paintings. For me he is a brilliant RL artist, he goes with the flow and hard to follow :-) lives night and day to listen to his needs when his urge to paint knocks on his door.

In contrast, my modest Inworld pictures and Photoshop manipulations are fading away next to his work, so I decided to give him the whole sphere for his work.
I have set up another one for my humble work and more to come in the futur and also some space for those who want a free limited place for their art to expose or sell.
But like all projects they have to grow, it will take some time for people to know of the Galaxy Art Gallery if they want some 'art injection' or a good feeling by looking at the exhibition :-) or even bying a painting to decorate the virtual home. But as my slogan goes, the tale of 'the tortoise and the hare' , I do believe in it :-)

For all who love Art and Beauty come by and let yourself immerge in this beautiful world !

On earth you will find a tp to the Galaxy 1, and 2 or just use this shuttle...
In the gallery you have several levels go by foot or use the tp pyramid :-)
Enjoy !

Galaxy Art Gallery 1, Isle of Anu (145, 76, 982)

Galaxy Art Gallery 2, Isle of Anu (142, 76, 815)

Galaxy Art Gallery, Isle of Anu (144, 82, 22)

PS. for those who panic after a TP and not knowing how to focus, just tap a few times on the arrow up key on your keyboard, it will set you in focus again:-) this helps most of the time...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine @ Farraige

As Farraige is the shopping mall next door we also do the Valentines weekend !
For this occasion I made a cute dress for only 8 I'z , why 8 ? because it is a sign with no end ...
two circles intertwined, very appropriate for this occasion...
So come on over to Farraige to pick it up this weekend and have a wonderfull Valentine !

Comes also with a bracelet for the upper right arm (not shown)
Hair piece is made with hair from : Deviant Hair Luxi Midnight

M!RAMODE , Farraige (223, 75, 21)

for those who like dancing and romancing this is the list event :

Paisean Faisean and Farraige Valentines Weekend Events

Join us from February 12 through 14th for fun, romance and great deals on PF and Farraige. Look for the signs from vendors that are offering at least one item for 10Iz or less during this event. Explore the stores and find the great deals!

Music and parties all weekend:
Friday 11th at 8-10pm Club Chic With DJ Nedria Cyr. Best in "RED" wins 1000Iz (at least three participants)
Saturday 12th 6-8pm Club Chic with DJ Charleigh Daniels. Best in "Bonnie and Clyde" wins 1000Iz (at least three participants)
Sunday 13th 12pm (noon) Farraige Ballroom with LIVE music performance by virtuoso Hunter Montgomery. Best in "Formal" wins 1000Iz (at least three participants)
Sunday 13th 3pm Club Chic LIVE with the one and only Ichie Kamichi
Sunday 13th 6-8pm Farraige Ballroom with DJ Charleigh Daniels, Best in "Formal" wins 1000Iz (at least three participants)

PF: secondlife/Paisean%20Faisean/109/55/1001
Farraige: secondlife://Farraige/184/127/21
Club Chic: secondlife/Paisean%20Faisean/150/107/23

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Busy behind the scene

Yes indeed I am kind of busy Inworldz not with my shops or making clothes, but with a new project. Sitting at the bar with a morning coffee and talking in the wild about my idea, it came over me like a Tornado to take form with the help of someone out of the blue he is a great builder and more then this in RL too !

A real rollercoaster for a Tortoise like me lol ...
Besides placing the structures as my part of the whole concept, there where a lot of issues to cope with. Had a big PC crash while texturing and of course Inworldz could not recup what was done ! For the second time all went well and logged off in peace. Next day by logging in, I was wearing the whole build and Ruth was stronger than me. Yes I was Ruth again or should I say Atlas :-) !!
When I detached the build and made me myself again (sorry Ruth) I rezzed the whole thing again. Looked at my prims on the land and they had increased a lot, no good there must be more then I was looking at on the land. Did a high fly and yes indeed I found the structure hanging way up :-)
Left it in good order when I logged off, curious if it stayed in the same condition when logging in later today :-)

I do speak in riddles but once all is in place (and stays ) ready to go, I will unvail this new project on the blog, for those who are clever will already know more about this Inworldz.
Stay tuned !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Groupgift for February

The groupgift is set out at the stores.
It is a playfull Valentine Dress wit a lot of sculpted items.
You can play around with it as most is modify!
Showing your belly or closed and be more decent, short sleeves no sleeves...
The skirt has finally his resize scripts inside and the blue pop up menu you get is easy to use (read the notecard inside for instructions)
But before you start make a copy of the origal item , just in case something goes wrong :-)
'A few clicks away' to adjust but you can also 'Kill' the script in the program, sometimes it is wise to do, to avoid lag problems.

The dress will only be up for 1 week so hurry to come pick it up, after that it goes for sale as usual. I could make some more things for Valentine to sell, but I run out of time I'm afraid :-)

For those who did not make it at the Bellissima Opening Party to pick up the free Bellissima dress, it is set as a promotion for only 50 I'z.

Have a great pré Valentine :-)