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but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine @ Farraige

As Farraige is the shopping mall next door we also do the Valentines weekend !
For this occasion I made a cute dress for only 8 I'z , why 8 ? because it is a sign with no end ...
two circles intertwined, very appropriate for this occasion...
So come on over to Farraige to pick it up this weekend and have a wonderfull Valentine !

Comes also with a bracelet for the upper right arm (not shown)
Hair piece is made with hair from : Deviant Hair Luxi Midnight

M!RAMODE , Farraige (223, 75, 21)

for those who like dancing and romancing this is the list event :

Paisean Faisean and Farraige Valentines Weekend Events

Join us from February 12 through 14th for fun, romance and great deals on PF and Farraige. Look for the signs from vendors that are offering at least one item for 10Iz or less during this event. Explore the stores and find the great deals!

Music and parties all weekend:
Friday 11th at 8-10pm Club Chic With DJ Nedria Cyr. Best in "RED" wins 1000Iz (at least three participants)
Saturday 12th 6-8pm Club Chic with DJ Charleigh Daniels. Best in "Bonnie and Clyde" wins 1000Iz (at least three participants)
Sunday 13th 12pm (noon) Farraige Ballroom with LIVE music performance by virtuoso Hunter Montgomery. Best in "Formal" wins 1000Iz (at least three participants)
Sunday 13th 3pm Club Chic LIVE with the one and only Ichie Kamichi
Sunday 13th 6-8pm Farraige Ballroom with DJ Charleigh Daniels, Best in "Formal" wins 1000Iz (at least three participants)

PF: secondlife/Paisean%20Faisean/109/55/1001
Farraige: secondlife://Farraige/184/127/21
Club Chic: secondlife/Paisean%20Faisean/150/107/23

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  1. What a sweet dress, Mira! I am sure you will make many people happy this Valentine's. Wow what a price! And yes.. I love that hair too, it's always been one of my favorites in InWorldz, especially when I'm building things, to keep it up and out of the way. LOL! Hope you have a fabulous Valentines!