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Friday, February 25, 2011

Inworldz Photo Contest Overview

Now that the contest is closed, the Photo Exhibition is open for the founders and jury of InWorldz to make their choice for Promotion material for the websites.
Also the public can make a vote for the 'best one' :-)
I went to see the work of the participants and was surprised to see all those nice pictures. A very hard job to pick one out of 113 :-)
Narrowed down already to 3 favorites but did not make a decision yet.

One picture I like a lot but it is not InWorldz looking, made by a photographer I'm very sure of that. If you had the chance to see it in Real Life it would be a fantastic click of the moment !
All the works are anonymous, so no favorisme by friends voting, or you have to drag them to the exhibition point your work and ask them to vote .... :-)

I'm very curious to know the outcome ...but we have to wait and give it some time for people to visit ...

Us Vemo and Anna Loom did a great job for organizing this contest
and setting up this exhibition !

Also Bradd Laval was so kind to make a video about this event,
I think he want mind me using his Youtube link...
If you like Virtual Worlds you will see our fabulous InWorldz in 10 minutes :-)

or go see it InWorldz
secondlife://Alinja/176/67/25 and use the TP upstairs

for more information see this thread in the InWorldz forum
or visit the curators blog The Virtual World of Us



  1. Mira, I don't mind you using the video clip (smiles)..

  2. Thank you Bradd, nice video btw :-)