Quote :
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Altzheimer Attack !

This morning when I came Inworldz with the Imprudence Viewer I looked fine, did some business things, like writing a Group Notice, did some teleporting to a new sim, went home and there it started, Flickering day and night settings by 5 and 10 seconds interval to change, how many days in a flicker ?
Everything else worked, building, looking into inventory, except Teleporting....
So I went off line, need to do some things in RL as well :-)

After a few hours went back in, thinking this would be resolved..indeed it did, no flickering anymore, the only thing to be shocked about was my appearance !
My avatar , shoes, skirt, nice face, skin, shape, gone :-) got the standard hairbase instead, luckely the textures worked, naked in the middle of a shopping mall, where I was not when I logged off, would have been over the top !

Look at this poor thing !!! isn't she ugly !
looks like an Ugly Dwarf, retarded for ages :-)
Who is getting Alzheimer ?
Just had a second major crash today om my PC !
need a doctor :-)


Christmas Bonbon

It took a long time to finish this lovely, (as I may say myself, will stay in my shoes), Christmas Bonbon Dress, it realy looks like a Chrismas postcard...
But time and effort is of no importance, the result is far better than I hoped,
this is not always the case.
Making fur was a learning process, the result is nice , the skirt made by hand was a pain in the ass :-) I rather like to pop-over to her twin sister !

I hope you enjoy it ...

Accessories :
Hair : ChiChickie! Becky Copper
@Milan Center :

Shoes :
BOX ladie mini ankle boots red leather (paat decuir)

Stockings :
Black sheer stockings (freebie)
" DownUndies" @ Unicorn dreams..
also @ IDI

Photo's taken at :

@Creative Fantasy

(links are in the notecard)

Thank you all !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

M!RAMODE new release 'Ice'

Yesss, I'm just in time to have finished 'ICE' an outfit I made for the cold winter period.
As posted earlier, I was looking for hair, but hardly found what I had in mind,
a Glacial Platina color to freeze your brains :-)
So I tried to make it myself for the first time ! It will be sold separtly for a beginners fee...

The pictures are taken at the beautiful place of Julia Hathor, a wonderful dreaming place with wintersnow trees and reindeer, indeed made with a lot of creative fantasy !

I did my best to immerse into her scenery ...
so come by and have a look in my store :-)

Dress and hair
M!RAMODE, Milan Center (191, 19, 22)

eyelashes : by Elfworkx
shoes : freebie at IDI
(notecard with landmarks of accesories included in vendor)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Steps by whiskey

Wiskey Shots was so nice to wear one of my dresses, she posed, took pictures
and made time to write nice things about it.
Thank you wiskey ! I owe you a drink :-)
see on her blog :
Baby Steps

You could say : "one step for a woman, a giant step for mankind"
the first image that popped up out of my brain where HUGE moonboots:-)
and from boots to shoes, a small step, but in my language we do have an expression:
'walking beside your shoes'
meaning to have a good self-esteem, egomania, they even translate it as a 'swelled head'... lol.
Then I prefer to walk beside my shoes as illustrated, but will keep my head or ego in balance :-) I like to joke, in case you didn't noticed !

Monday, November 22, 2010

What do I do in the other World ?

I need to explain my blog title saying 'Virtual Worlds'. Plural
Till now I was only writing about my activities Inworldz... but beside that I do go to the 'Other World' as MiraKaru, an avatar/alt I created AFTER I entered Inworldz, not that I had no other over there, just one more. But as I wrote in my introduction in the beginning of this blog, I entered Inworldz not with the intention to stay ! When I did, had no desire to come back Inworldz with my other Avatar from 'there' and set up my business in here, like some do !
(working backwards can work as well :-)
After all there was/is not big money involved, had no profit only expenses .
( I'm lousy for business)
Bringing it into this world was not what I had in mind in the first place.
Point on the line, and started all over new.

I was reborn at IW and had taken a new direction of creating things, but... as every one knows it is not simple to be a pioneer to create with scripts for the skirts or other generated things...I tried the LoopRez, but it was behaving in a strange way, one prim was not accepted, like the story of the little 'ugly duck' :-)
I 'am used to another free script program that does not work here.
I made skirts by hand, Christmas Bonbon dress is made that way, (will post that soon and put up in the store), indeed a very intensive and time consuming occupation.
So I have to slip over to SL and make my skirts and other things over there and do an XML export/ import.

As Mira I do go to places 'there' where I have never been, looking with her eyes and fantasy :-) Maybe later, may set up a Marketplace store, but not for the moment.
And what about my other avatar in SL ? well , she is sad because I hardly log in with her... I do not like multiple avis !
what is the point of that ?

for instance:

On monday I'm the Happy Hippie,
On tuesday the Cursing Nurse,
On wednesday Smiling Hostess,
On thursday High heel Mannequin
On friday the Whipping Mistress
On saturday the Party Pooper
On sunday restday and I'll be myself !

pffff.. it would be a busy virtual life... so no thanks, I will stay with Mira Karu in 2 Virtual Worlds :-)) and be myself !

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whiskey's Challenge #2: What I do in Inworldz

I made a nice all together clutter for the picture :-)

I try try TRY, to make things, but I'm slow slow SLOW and feel frustrated sometimes I do not have enough time and a lack of brains to understand how things work to make all my ideas into the 3D world.
I like to learn how to build and create, that is my drive and occupation Inworldz.
Mostly I'm at my platform messing around with prims, making a real clutter and leaving things hanging or standing for a next visit, for sure it is because of the large amount of prims you have to your disposal, no need for cleaning up, a very bad habit I surely my not bring over into RL !!! :-)

I like taking pictures and experimenting in Photoshop, also for the presentation on my vendors. In real live I'm a photographer, not professional but went to school for it.

Chatting is not my great passion, I'm a loner and love my freedom to do what I like, yes I'm selfish for time, wayward, persistent and keep going till my problem is solved !
Wish I could be faster to learn, but did not grew up with PC, so there is a lot to catch up and that takes time, unless you have a good address for brains ...and yes... you guessed it
correctly, I'm not in my twenties ! :-)))))

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Virtual versus Reality

Walking on a thin line ?

Vitual Worlds can be a safe way to play/interact, if you keep it safe yourself, the question is , is it a game or does it goes beyond ?

Do YOU play a game, or are you just yourself by expressing your fantasy’s ?
Do You want to explore how far you can go ?
Are you hurting people and who is paying the price ?
How far can you trust the persons you are interacting with ? Because, after every pixel/avatar at the other end, there is someone behind the screen.
But who is he/she really ?
Is he/she what they pretend to be ? Gender for instance …

Yes, a lot of question marks to be filled in !

For some reason, in RL, you get a first impression of someone , wich apparently is formed in a few seconds, IW you can judge on the first written sentence in chat or IM , anyway this is how it mostly works for me.
But you can have formed a wrong first idea and the interaction can become a way of growing towards each other, it works or it doesn’t and if it does, later on you explore with different levels in the 'friendship'.
In the beginning its like starting any new relationship as in RL , a lot to talk about and explore the mind of the person behind the avatar if that is the intention...
and here it is..
are we walking on a thin line ? Virtual versus Reality …

Alts (multiple Avatars ) for instance, we all know that most of us use one or several …
Its like the FBI if they double cross you, they spy and fool you to see if you say the truth or to harm you or to play a pshycological game !
If you do not stay clear in your head or firm in your shoes, you can get paranoia !

(press Take a Look at the bottom to see film)

‘Playing a game’….for some it is, but not for me if it is interacting with people, shopping, dancing, building and making fun and clothes is playing !
You have 3 options, you stay impersonel polite, or playing a game and be greyed out or you get involved in true feelings and be just YOURSELF.
If you have a mature and good personality you may combine some given options.
Either ways I like honesty, being myself and thrust worthy, my prides as a person in RL I do implement in Virtual Worlds, I certainly would not betray this or myself for any World or any game. I'm just ME !

But not everyone thinks the same, and they have the right to do it their way!
The society has many people and many faces .
So does internet and existing Virtual Worlds, all I can say : be nice to each other and to me, do not hurt feelings, you are being warned

I had this article stored in concept for later publishing, but Rosa made me do it now because of the new article and film on their blog :

inworldz community rag



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My first selfmade hair

I started 2 days ago, trying to make some hair ! I must say it goes faster to post on this blog than the work and time I have spent on trying :-)

Yesterday I almost pulled my own hair out of despair, as a matter of speaking... When I had almost finished a part of the hair making tutorial after a BIG hour, I suddenly got kicked out of Inworldz, poefffffffff, they decided to Quit !
No 'saving final data', yep you guess it already ! Logging back I got the status I started earlier, gone work, gone wig , ai ai ai .
Its like Altzheimer, no short memory :-)
For some reason Inworldz ,the viewer or my machine where behaving strange the last couples of days.
I should have linked all that hair and taken it several times while building into inventory to have at least a copy of the work done but hélas I didn't !
Doggie replied to my cry on the forum, backup, backup !!! a very good advise indeed.

This morning I started from scratch, I tend to do that a lot :-)

So tadameee...I proudly present you my first hair, it's not perfect but also not easy to modelate all those prims and my texture could be a lot better, but for now I'm happy I made it to the end and savely stored it in my inventory:-)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do I need legs ?

This morning I wanted to continue my tutorial
on making hair
but my legs stayed in bed.
My 'fresh glory' did not work !

But do I need legs when I can fly ? :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

This time it's fun!

Yesterday and today we have some texturing problems Inworldz. For some people a big issue because they can not work properly on their sim or creations because of the problems , for others wondering what is happening and others like me just fun :-) I was learning to make hair but had to stop doing so, but no problem for me ! I amused myself just by looking at myself (avatar) on the manner she went her own way... scary and funny at the same time...
I made the reflection , that we the creators of 3D things, like avatars , skins , clothing etc...
do our best to produce nice things (me trying to), but it is the PC, internet, server, a good connection or whatever who decides how the products are looking or behaving in a virtual world. Luckely you can relog and start all over and be in 'fresh glory' again :-)

One contemplation: the power is not ours

Scary movie , I loved it !


Saturday, November 13, 2010

I feel frustrated !

As a designer of clothes I like to make a total image of what I had in mind and I like to find accessories to go with it like skins, shoes or hair, important things for a good global balanced presentation of my products to sell Inworldz !

When I go hunting I visite a lot of shops , but never or hardly find what I'm looking for... this is not the fault of the creators/shop owners, but mine :-) Who knows what I'm looking for ! As I can not make all myself... I do have a problem.

And here is my point, a lot of shop owners/creators are importing there products mostly from Second Life into Inworldz, 'there
' you have more choices and the offers of all kinds are huge !
You see fashion sellers Inworldz with the most beautiful pictures to present their products with stunning avatars, hairs, shoes, juwelry etc... hardly or almost impossible to get the same 'look'
as presented Inworldz !

I could do the same and use my most incredi
ble things like shapes, skins, hairs, shoes, you just name it from SL , enough to make the most beautiful pictures to sell my goods Inworldz, but WHO I'M FOOLING ? Most of the buyers never could even complete the whole picture. So yes, I do feel frustrated sometimes if i don't find it :-) but rather that, then fool people, after all, Inworldz has to get its own face ! That 's why I started from scratch remember ? :-)

still need some hair before displaying this new outfit at my store :-)

picture taken at :
CREATIVE FANTASY by Julia Hathor ~ Plants, Homes, Animals, Creative Fantasy (75, 225, 21)


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Definition of sitting...

Well, sometimes you get in an awkward situation :-)
Sitting is not that simple, specially if there are no Pose balls or scripts to help.
If you hit by any chance the 'sit here' key,
you may end up in a very funny position :-)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

The M!RAMODE shop at Milan Center

Me in front of the store at Inworldz
M!RAMODE, Milan Center (191, 19, 22)
The theme of this month is 'Fall', so I made some automn leaves !

I'm wearing the free Welcome dress from the giftbox
come and get it !


Friday, November 5, 2010

My first home

As I do like to build things, I was tired of going to the sandbox.
Most of the time it was deserted and no one around, so I could do what I wanted.
But I was feeling uncomfortable standing on the vast green carpet !
Yes I know it is only virtual :-) but I do prefer a spot of my own, where I can stand almost naked if necessary to make new outfits and not to be surprised by someone who is watching or wants to chat ! I never take a look around me when working !
So making my own place was number one on the list.
And..... as I am a Tortoise... I need time....
no stress no hush hush and certainly no push push :-)

It was time for land hunting, found a nice parcel via the forum, because finding things Inworldz is not that evident yet. (I did' n know about the classifieds)
Happy with my new land, I started immediately to build my first home with free wonderful textures from Ayla Holt I found at her store
. Thank you Ayla :-)

This is my temple, my peace and my home :-)


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Tortoise and the Hare

The story concerns a hare who ridicules a slow-moving tortoise and is challenged by him to a race. The hare soon leaves the tortoise behind and, confident of winning, decides to take a nap midway through the course. When he awakes, however, he finds that his competitor, crawling slowly but steadily, has arrived before him.

Starting all over again in Inworldz with an empty mind and a lot of ideas still to be born, but with some knowlegde I had build up in Second Life during all that time, it struck me how slow I have been and still am to do or make things. So this fabel of the Tortoise and the Hare I knew from childhood came into my mind !
Also the character of this animal suits me well, not only his slow motion , but the fact that they are generally reclusive animals, a 'loner' as a matter of speaking.
They are also very sensitive, when needed they hide in their shell.
Tortoises are usually diurnal animals wich means they like to sleep at night
, me too !

I want put myself into pressure anymore to keep or strive for good business, I do not care anymore ! I just have fun by creating what comes into my mind that day, and if it is any good I will sell it maybe ...

This means I'm not at all a business woman, but who cares ? I don't ! :-)
Why many people want to behave and do things in a Virtual World like they do or would do in Real Life ?
I did this mistake, but in this new World no need anymore, I go my own speed this time and have fun creating in this paradise :-)

and ho yeah, I do like Salad :-)))

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First steps in Inworldz®

It was like going on a secret mission, we go but don't know where we will end !
I took my nickname Mira Karu in a hurry in another 3D world (not SL), so eager to find out other worlds... not knowing what to expect... so I ended up with this name .. Once I discovered Inworldz® ( they did not make restrictions on a last name), I had no desire to change it again, I already
felt schizophrenic :-)
I thought , well this name is ok just to take a look , but before I knew it well ,I was already integrated to change that name, but do not regret ,' What's in a name' after all :-)

So here at Inworldz® everything had a new fresh face, dough with some wrinkles of Second Life:-) a lot reminded me of 'there' but here you have more of a pioneer mentality !
Friendly , a smaller community and helpfull to build on the dreams of many people :-)
I know and are almost certain , this will not last !!!
But meanwhile it is a drive to build a world who has its own face, I really wish , not a copy of SL !!!
For now I'm happy I found it so I can be creative and do the things I like without 'Big Brother' watching :-)
My Phoenix will not
resurrect in here:-))) , for SL residents they 'll know what I mean

have fun :-)

P.S. sorry for the bad English as it is not my native language :-)