Quote :
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Building in the sky

I love to build and make houses, but lately I didn't anymore, since I had my homes made already :-)
After the Poll on the Forum I got the itch again :-)

I do love modern architecture and houses, the ones I will never have in Real Life but in Virtual Worlds everything is possible and you can dream/create whatever...
I'm still learning to make it all work including the domotica for it, but will need help soon with scripts and knowing to use a Rezzer.

This first big building project I made is also a great challenge as I'm not so clever with scripts etc...I don't have the brains for that, lol ! But in time, who knows, I can finish this work to a good end completed with modern furniture, not the common style for InWorldz where it is more Victorian - Steampunk and fantasy orientated... but in 'my sky' it is modern :-) (for now)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cucumber season

Easter has passed and summer season is comming ! But for InWorldz it is 'cucumber time' or 'gooseberry season', meaning a low season for business (mainly in august) when the sales drop down. The Advertising and Group messages are still alive and the people behind them don't give up to get customers. But Economy is going down. They blame the tax payment coming up in the USA or the high oil prices... or the season, we all spent more RL time outside rather then sitting next to the stove to visit a Virtual World looking for some tropical Island or visit fantastic malls to spent our I'z :-)

Anyway,I try to make the best out of this season...selling or not, I never will have a cucumber time for myself, always full of ideas and time to short to make them come true. Not so much for business purpose or money gain, just for fun.
As I read, some shop owners decided to stop business or even leave Inworldz because the selling amount does not cover the rent !
MyMymy...I never would even think to do that , I should have closed a lot of shops in the past and left different Virtual Worlds.

Gain gain gain is also playing a big role in VW just like in the RW. Anyhow I hope good times are coming back and for the time being it may be just a passing periode, because if you sell, even if it is not BIG SALE it gives you the courrage and stimulans to do more. If you sell nothing it is like a dead fish or something like that...:-) So I go with the flow and see how far the wind will take me :-)but giving up ? no I will maintain, sustain and stand out this cucumber season:-)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Groupgift for April

After a period of silence for my clothing designs (does not mean I'm not active behind the scene), it is time for the new groupgift for April !
also a new release and some eggs for Easter :-)

Groupgift for April is set out till 26th of this month!
You can go and pick up the groupgift 'Summer Breeze' for April at the stores, its a very fluffy summer short yellow dress with hat and collar !

Also a new release of a Pink dress with lace underskirt, really nice for Easter.

If you like, you can take the sculpted Easter basket set near the groupgift for 10 I'z, really cheap, to keep for yourself or to offer to friends :-)

M!RAMODE mainstore, Isle of Anu (111, 83, 21)
Bellissima Square, Bella (23, 80, 1101)
M!RAMODE, Amsterdam (86, 72, 21)

Have a nice Easter !
greetings Mira

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why I'm so happy with virtual worlds ?

Why I'm so happy with virtual worlds ?
Oh I could give you a lot of reasons...and they are different for everyone :-) for me, not so usual like for most people, I don't like shopping, chatting, dancing, sex etc... this is not my cup of tea... but we do have a saying in Flemish and translated it would be like this : 'Each bird sings as he was mou
The 'was' is how you are born I suppose with your heritage, DNA and later your developments in live. Mine have been artistic on several platforms. In RL live it is the way you percieve things and that makes the difference between to 'see' and to' look' :-)

In virtual worlds you can have great fun to manipulate the image and how you see things on your screen by using your camera cursors... and then.... yes.... you see things out of the blue full of imagination and unexpected perspective ! That's why I like virtual worlds so much and I
like also to play in it and making things...

I'm Calimero too :-)))

A 'Calimero complex' is used to denote someone who thinks the world is against him or her because they are an underdog. In the Dutch series Calimero says :
They are big and I is small and that is not fair, oh no! (erroneous use of the word "is" is intentional)

I do not have a complex but do not feel/think like the average people either so in a way I'm an outlaw just like Calimero ? ..
So for me this is how I play and use virtual worlds...to create, to see, to wonder, to be surprised, to enjoy and much more !

I wonder what your motivations are ? :-)