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Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad Start for the Mardi Gras

The difference between real life and virtual party's is the fact that you have everything in control, the time you arrive, how late you stay, what you do, how much you drink, in other words you don't need anything besides yourself to make it work and you make the rules ! :-)
Virtual worlds is something else.... It gives you stress, some vapors and staying up late (in my case as a European).
Setting up my float for the parade was already the start of many lag problems to come... I could not stay on the megaprim platform and was forced down to 'earth' several times. Before I had all installed well and took a good look for things yet to do , I was kicked out of IW. Could not get in anymore to do the finishing touch. So I gave up on that and finished my RL dinner. By the time the parade started I had also (or still) login problems... finally made it to rezz and saw a lot of people , by the time I had my camera ready I was off again, grrrr and had only 1 picture...
Then we where invited by a link to go to the Fashion Show, this I could not miss, since I never had seen one and a few of my outfits I made where showing !
So I tried the TP but nope... no chance to get off the old place, not only me but a lot of us. The people who organised the whole event where trying desperate behind the scene for a solution to get under the lag. After a while we got another address link , the fashion show had moved to Bella on ground level, the sim of Raven Dulce and the shopping Mall in the sky.
This didn't work either I tried several times to get in, once or twice I did an attempt to get to my store in the sky at Bella and thought, well if I drop myself, not a suicide
attempt lol, I could maybe make it to the fashion show below :-)
(this is RL thinking but does not always work in VW)
But I kept flying horizontal instead of dropping vertical :-) and finally yes finally I crashed again, not only out of IW but my PC as well... then I gave up and went to bed very stressed with a head like a juicy red tomato:-) All this remembered me why I don't like party's with a lot of people, staying up late and fighting against lag :-)

The Fashion show was postponed for a later hour and had moved again to another sim with less lag...
I was reading it this morning, but for that I lost track and was dreaming away in my bed at that time.
I hope after all, they all had a great time and I admire the people who keep holding the festivities on track and make the best out of it ! Thanks to all of you !


  1. Oh Mira! I'm sorry to hear the lag was giving you so many troubles. I did attend the fashion show at the later time and, Mira, it was really wonderful! I took about 30 pictures, including your gorgeous gowns and costumes. You really stole the show I think! Sorry you missed it, but hope your pillow was soft and your dreams good. Hugs!


  2. Yes Boudica a lot of lag problems in the beginning, but helas for me...I hope they all had a great time later on and enjoyed the evening !
    I can't have all, living IW and US and CET :-)
    Need my soft pillow on time ...thank you for your empathy :-) Take care