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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big opening tonight !

After many days of hard work for many people, the day of the opening has arrived !
I like to give a special thanks to Sunbeam Magic who took over the difficult task of organizing this big event and for getting me out of the hands of the lag monster :-), he decided to make my build with a will of its own.... meaning, walls able to walk trough, water who wasn't Phantom anymore, stairs you could not climb, falling trough the floors and so on...

Homes and Residences Exhibition and Tradeshow will open his doors tonight from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm

I will pop in and say hello to everyone... and yes I'll dance away if permitted :-)
we all deserve some relaxed moments !

Here is a list of the Performers appearing on the Inworldz Grand Stage:
11 am ChelseaMarie Noel
12 pm Tip Corbett
1 pm Ichie Kamachi
2 pm Clairede Dirval
3 pm Zoree Jupiter
4 pm Prowess Rayna
5 pm Eliz Watanabe

Here is a list of the amazing talented builderz exhibiting and lot numbers:

Tenbears Running (00)-Ferrator Montoya (1)-Anyraya Braveheart (2)-Chas Dezno (3)-Julia Hathor (4)-Sunbeam Magic (5)-Duderz Lebowski (6)-Teal Freenote (7)-BigCity Mapholisto (8)-Tom Swift (9)-Kohkoh Baroque (10)-Mira Karu (11)-Thundercloud Kiama (12)-(13)Burning House(13)-Lamat Lisle (14)-Benski Trenkins (15)-Zauber Paracelsus (16)-Vickie Day (17)-Rosa Dagostino (18)-GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus (19)-Smokie Ember (20)-Divalin Magic (21)-Elin Egoyan (22)-Laetitia Aluveaux (23)-Blue Starsider (24)-Strand Starsider (25)-Maximillian-Svarovski (26)-Amaranthim Talon (27)-Alyvaral Aeghin (28)-Sunny Day (29)-Moon Satoshi(30)-Ambiant Kukulcan (31)-Rickina Hamelin (32 )-Bradd Laval (33)-Andromeda Wylder (34)-James Stuart (35)-Nyx Breen (36)-TIGGS Beaumont (37)-Thumpin Design (38)-ML Smith (39)-Lion Ewry (40)-Keira Alzael (41)

If you are a Inworldz habitant , you just must see all the fantastic buildings set up !
If not just join Inworldz (see on the right side of this blog how to log in).

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