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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marketing and pricing

After doing some marketing survey, I noticed that my prices are way below the average for 'Formal' clothes of this quality. A dress at M!RAMODE is about 175 I'z ... do you think it is way to cheap ? should I raise my price ? If you have an opininion and want to help me on this I would appriciate if you would do the poll on the right side. Thanks

In that post about permission issues (read more) I went indeed to investigate and pulled open several vendors to see how the permissions are set, they are all different but mostly modify !

I also discovered that my pricing is way to low for this kind of dresses. I'm not so for the money and not a good merchant as I told before, but I'm wondering if this is good for the business and competition etc..
The imago of the brand/shop has to be considered as well, if you sell quality, the prices have to be accordingly.
You can't buy an Armani for the same price as a dress in the supermarket :-) is what I'm trying to say to myself ! I'm a bit confused by now, so please help me with this :-)

Don't see this as a money gain on my part but more as a prestige/reputation thing for M!RAMODE.
I may have to evoluate as Inworldz is growing and more shops are coming, setting higher prices !


  1. I noticed that your prices were lower than average. But instead of equating this with lower quality, I assumed that you were a designer who created for the love of creation, and not for the money. Talia Fournier of Paparazzi is much like this. You both make beautiful items, but priced lower than those who might be considered your competitors.

    While some might equate price and quality, I don't. Especially at InWorldz.

    However, there is a point that people feel like they are getting what they pay for, and feel as if they've purchased something wonderful when they pay a lot of money for it. I'm not one of those people, but there may be more of them than those like me.

    It's a tough decision Mira. For now, I think your reputation as a great designer will say more than your prices. Each gown you create is better and better; this latest black and white gown is my favorite so far! As long as you keep creating, I'll pay whatever you ask for your gowns.


  2. Basically, I'm willing to pay more quality. But InWorldz I've found amazing clothes that had me check the price twice because I thought it was way too cheap. Especially InWorldz price is not an indicator or quality.

  3. Thank you both for taking your time to contemplate about this :-) Maybe I will raise my price in the futur a little, but never over the 300 I'z, as I said it is more of a prestige/image thing or not selling under the competion price :-)
    But I will also take a middle solution by putting each month a promotion dress for a lower price, so I think this will balance it more or less :-)

  4. There's always going to be people telling you to charge more or charge less. Some friends, some customers, some perfect strangers (Like me!). Best advice you'll ever get is decide what works best for you. I wrote a little bit more on the benefits of high and low pricing here if anyone is interested (just one person's opinion btw):