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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Permission issues

For the free January dress I made a lot of layers, more then usual, pants/underwear and had set more things to modify. Not on purpose but I think on intuition I guess. Normaly my dresses are for sale with these settings :
no Modify but Copy and no Transfer.
I thought this to be the right way (as I did/do in SL as well)
But my sales are not so high in both worlds, I wonder if this is because the fact it is NO Modify ?
By accident I came across an (older) discussion today about those options
at the Forum : ( scroll down please

They almost all agree for buyers being able to modify and they think it is a much better way, increases sales (not my main concern). Making more layers gives more freedom also to adjust the prims, if you don't use a resize program, but also this has a bad influence on the lag side, it seems... so for the creator one of the dilemma's :-)

But ...creators view:
If I made a white dress for example with a nice print, wich I had to look for a good time before I got what I had in mind and I set this Modify and the owner likes more a black dress and sets the color like this.. there goes the detail of the nice texture and you get a black hole instead of a nice outfit :-)
If you have spent a long time to make a skirt fitting (your avi), gorgeous long and with a twist in design to flow very well, but the owner decides to set off the features for this or makes it stiff like a dead body.... or makes a short dress out of it, well to be honest this would piss me off ! :-)))
Or you can say what the heck ! It is sold and now belongs to someone else, they own it now and it's theirs do with it what they like... hard but true and maybe I have to think in this direction and have to leave more freedom to my customers...:-) It is also a matter of trust , leaving all open (modify) is easy to copy.
So I'm not so convinced yet... and will do a 'shop hunting opening vendor thing' to see how other sellers have set it :-) I really did not give it attention in the past.
If you want to help me please leave a comment with your point of view and what you prefer, so maybe I might change the settings in the futur . I will add from now on more layers so you can switch :-)

comment on your comment

I think we all talk like old or ex avis from SL and know how to resize and modifying...but not everyone is inclined or able to. If you have a fur collar of 100 prims (each fur ball consist out of 3 linked prims) it is a hell of a job and almost impossible to make it smaller or bigger in one go (all falls apart because it is unlinked for modifying) So for those things it is a hell of a job to make it fit :-)
I tried my SL resize program but did not work IW... so yesterday I got one from a friendly lady after I saw creators using them and I am so happy I have one too, yes even if I doubled myself for a moment :-) I will do my homework all over and put in the resize script for those furry things already for sale. Not decided yet what I will do in the futur for modyfing prims...skirts and sleeves with resize menu yes , because you have several types and possibilities with these programs or just give modify permission for more manualy refined adjustment and a script resize option/version for those who like the easy way, but all this will load your inventory :-)
I'll have to trust my customers not to (over) kill what I made...if they can make it better I will be pleased as I do not make all perfect :-)
But can you imaging , if you have a Coco Chanel and you rip off those nice golden buttons and put wooden logs instead ?
This is all about a kind of a copyright thing, could be a long discussion too :)

♥Thank you for your comment ♥


  1. I personally, support the idea of Mod capable. Yes, when you place out a product you have a certain vision in mind of how it looks. However a potential customer may view it as "Well, it's pretty but it's not offered in a particular color I like to coordinate with such and such." If it's mod capable, the customer can mod it to suit it. Sometimes the mods would end up looking nice and others not so much. I don't make clothing but pretty much everything I do sell is Mod capable. The reason is that often a customer will pick it up, mod it and to be honest, it is often an improvement over my original design thus both sides win. Me and the customer. Also if you think about it, in RL sewing machines and wrenches have been making mods on things for ages now. Sometimes to the betterment, sometimes to the worse. One other thought that just occurred to me. If a product is setup as no mod, a customer might feel like they are being placed into a straight jacket when considering the purchase. A sort of "The creator's way or the highway." type of feeling. If you do indeed go with Mod capable, in a note card mention that they should make a backup copy before modding it. We got a creative bunch here, you might be surprised (pleasantly) by what they come up with.

    Take care.

  2. I definitely prefer mod/copy when it comes to prim parts. My avi is shorter than most and very rarely do prims fit me "out of the box". In Inworldz, it's uber important to be able to make a copy before modding. And if a dress skirt doesn't fit me, and I can't mod it to make it fit, I'm not likely to buy from that creator again.

  3. this all makes sense, I will consider and am struggling to find a way in between :-)
    but for now I have to put it on hold because I'm in trouble (see next post)
    thank you all for your reply's

  4. Hi Mira :) I also prefer to buy things I can modify, because usually they don't fit me too well, though sometimes I get lucky. I don't like to tint things since it messes up the clearness of the textures, but for skirt and sleeve prims I am always modifying mine to fit my shape. Same with hair, if they sell it no-mod, I usually don't buy it. Hope this helps!