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Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Monday, October 24, 2011

New dresses made for the Fantasy Show

The show is over and was a great succes, I was not able to attend Inworldz so I'm in the dark for the moment how it all looked like :-)
Hopefuly I will see it on the video to be released soon !

For the bloggers I do my best and for my customers Inworldz I will put them up in the stores if I have time today ... But first I have to let you know that the prizes are higher than I was used to.
I saw all the participating brands with their goods on the catwalk kiosks for sale... and their prices where much higher than those for M!RAMODE ! Dilemma !!! If I had asked the same as I was used to, it would not have been fair to the other merchands...so I raised the prices and are/where still one of the cheapest on the catwalk :-)
But, like in real live I have to evoluate with prices, since the beginning till now they have gone way up in Inworldz, especially for formal clothing...
As excuse and for my conscience to justify this lol, I use some sculpted items for the outfits, wich means more time for making ! But ... I have an idea to compensate the higher prices, from now on (beginning november) I will put each month some dresses half price, discount, sales .... still thinking how to put it on :-)

I hope you' ll like the new collection :


This beautiful gown is very extravagant,
has a fantastic skirt and accessories
Now where does this strange feeling come from ?
This fascinates her Cravings take off,
the desire becomes her prison
She shivers stabbed by the beauty,
it's like a knife in her soul


This Burlesk dress with feathers,
lace and hat can also be worn for Halloween
She was passing the stardust at night on her broom ...
Was accused of treachery and witchcraft,
she was only true to her soul
and had a taste for adventure,
she could bewitch and beguile

Sweet Forest

This dress is very delicate in the morning light
In the land of tuneful waterfalls,
wandering-together heals your beloved
The sparking air of day's awakening,
the leaves of the beeches breathe
Lay your head down
and listen to the sounds of the forest


This dress has a delicate pink color
with a fantasy skirt on top
The Blossom Fae is flying like a gentle brise in the meadow
She drinks dew for wine,
and hearken to the voices of the birds,
and dances joyfully in the sun rays
with the frisky butterflies


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