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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Upcoming next Inworldz Event

The Founders of Inworldz are planning an event in June.
Its all about  the years 1930, 40-50 .
Main attraction is DANCE... animators or novices are asked to make dances...but if I may be bold... making dance is not easy, its time-consuming and the period asked is very fast dancing like the  Jive,The Lindy Hop, etc... most of them are couple dances !
So its a freaking out scenario for most of us :-) I hope some brave people will still submit. I did  give it a try but its not my thing, although, I know dance in RL,  LOL


Besides that, there will be stores for cloth designers to cover that time periode !
So once again, I'm trying to make clothes .... but as I go slow (was also on vacation) I hope to finish some dresses. I made some posters too, but comparing to making dresses, this is peanuts :-) I do put a lot of hours into making 1 dress, sometimes days, its really pixel work to join all the seams and pieces....(once that is done the inworld part takes place for the prims) actually it is a primitieve way of working with the templates from Second Life ! All these years no one took a good look at it to improve them... meaning,  seams for the upper and lower part have gaps and not to be solved by you, unless you do a trick and wear many layers. Even the SL templates seams do not correspond well together nicely etc... a pain in the *** sometimes :-) If I had the brains....I would try to solve this !

On my blog I can say my thing, its my speakers corner :-) and yes sometimes I like to say out loud, but I don't like to hurt people !  My Vision of things is not the Vision of some one else ! Its like reading a book, you make your own film of it and when some day others do about it, its never the same or that good as your own :-)
So for the festivities coming up, I envisioned a whole different concept !  To me its to restricted and only good for the best creators of Inworldz. The standard was set very high !
Maybe they had to give an opportunity to the 'common people' (not only the established creators) to mess around with their ideas :-) making a 1950's Bar, a Road Motel, some grunchy corners... or making a city together on an assigned plot... so it would not only be the mondaine look but also the flip side of the Art Deco :-)

Well enough fiddle-faddle, I will do my best and hope all will enjoy the coming festivities on the Inworldz Event Sims ! A lot of work, time and energy was spent to make it work and a lot of people involved to get this train rolling :-) So I do have respect for those people !

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