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Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections,
but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

St. Francis de Sales

Monday, March 26, 2012

Social Aspects of a VW

Elenia one of the founders of Inworldz® asked this on the Forum :
'I wonder what exactly our grid means to our residents in terms of their social activities'.


Interesting question and for once I came out of my closet :-)

Why I am hooked to IW ? what drives me?
good questions...
I think Virtual worlds are needed for some people just like twitter, facebook,blogs and more social sites, for each of us to be filled in for different reasons, getting attention, having Virtual friends, coming out of isolation, express creativity etc...
If I speak for myself, I'm an Einzelgänger (loner) in real life as well , I'm not social at all, this does not mean I can't behave if I have to or can't chat or have no humor :-) but it is not my nature !
How come ?... I don't know, maybe because I'm modest ? I'm always friendly and also vulnerable...maybe that's why I'm hiding ? I don't need much attention or haven't to say important things often, nor do I have the urge to direct people ...But...I love Virtual worlds (only IW for now) and what should I do without ?
It became a ritual and a part of my RL, first thing in the morning while drinking my coffee, I go to the Forum to keep up to date.
Looking for an interesting Exhibition to participate, or nice places and things made by others I have to see ...
What I do most is creating on my Island, so yes I'm a female bloke :-) messing around, cursing, trying again, becoming totally under stress , but also learning and fun to see things I had in mind, taking form in a 3D environment.
Conclusion, virtual worlds are needed, for those who have to fill in a social need, even the loners, people with dissabilities, sick people, even insane people :-) the ones who need to speak or write their words to become important, to be connected to people, to manipulate others, to gossip, to make drama...to escape into another world,(because you do not like to do your VT household LOL)
But also for artists who like to experiment on another level and try to make a concept...people who are hooked up in the scripting part or to make avatars moving and come to life...(a nice description for sex ;) ).

SO bottom line... each of us needs Virtual Worlds in our own way !!!
The only thing you have to have is spare time and connect...

P.S oh yes, I'm out of quarantine !!! I can see my groups again in my profile, but that doesn't mean I'm social :pffft:

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