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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Mardi Gras Parade

winners of the contest

I think it was one of the biggest events Inworldz, I mean BIG in the real sense :-)
Many avatars on the SIM , a lot of scripts running and many many prims rezzed...
I think this was a good test case again and after some intervention of the Founders to put the SIM on full capacity... all went great :-)
I think they are very happy and proud to see this working !

From Grand Marshall Tranquility -
http://twitter.com/#!/InWorldz/status/1 ... 40/photo/1

Mardi Gras, 50,000 total prims almost 4000 scripts, 50 avatars on the sim!

The winners are : ( text from Keira Alzeal)

Floating Through Wonderland Float

Driver / Red Queen - Cataplexia Numbers
White Queen - MidnightRain Glas
Alice - Jillian Newie
The Mad Hatter - Lilith Parkin
Other Riders- Playing Cards
May Farlight - King Of Hearts
Alexina Proctor - Queen Of Clubs
Prax Maryjaz - Queen of Diamonds
LadyHeart Janus (might not make it)

On the Forum you can see more pictures :

and if you want to see my album on Flikr :

Some had not great driving experience, but who cares, it was part of the fun :-)
I had a great time :-)


  1. This was such a great event! Awesome pictures! It was very hard to keep your eyes on everything that was going on.

  2. Yes indeed, there was a lot going on, if you compare it with the year before, we only had 4 or maybe 5 floats. This shows how much Inworldz has grown :-)