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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When is Role Playing NOT role playing

I do read the Inworldz Forum every day and once in awhile there are some interesting topics !
I want quote anyone here because everyone can have its own opinion... so do I !
Normally I'm not inclined to spread my words or thoughts on Forums, Facebook, Twitter or blogs for everyone to know, but I couldn't resist for this one :-)

Yesterday I saw on TV a documentary about virtual worlds and role-playing, like Dragons, Samorai, Killers all evil characters, etc..its more like a play/game and amusement. You never could do this in real live, shooting people, flying on a horse (Pegasus), being a monster...

I could read in this thread on the forum that being an Elf, Dwarf, Mermaid... in Inworldz (and other VW's as well) is the good side of Fantasy/roleplay. It's save and does not exist, its FANTASY !
Evil and slavery tended behavior like Vampire,Witches, Gor, BDSM, Mistress/Master are the darker/bad RP things and some of them do Exist !
Witchcraft, BDSM, D/s is done in real life as well and is a 'way of living'. Maybe that's the reason for a lot of people to be offended by it as they see this RP in front of them in Virtual Worlds.

In SL I was introduced to FEMDOM, Dommes/slaves, by a friend and out of curiosity I went along but stayed somehow at the sideline because this was all new to me , I 'm NOT a Mistress in RL :-)
After awhile I gave up because it was uncomfortable for me 'playing' the Mistress... did well... but for these lifestylers it was no playing...
' When is Role Playing NOT role playing' ... see the difference ?
For them its normal behavior but with a lot of rules, so to them it is natural :-) I do agree for this kind of RP (if you call it that way) to keep it on the sims where it is normal and understood. For example running in a shopping Mall with your 'slave/sub' on a chain and kneeling at your side each time again when you stop, is not a good idea in my opinion :-) In Real Life you want see that either or very rare... and if it happens I'm sure they will get killed with the eyes of those who look at them, or see shaking heads, or maybe get a finger pointed at the forehead.
So yes, there is a place for everything, just do it your way but in the right places even in Virtual Worlds :-))

ME and my sub years ago in a previous (SL ) life ...

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